Should I buy it?



I love the Conan world, and am a big fan of the stories. Im thinking about gettng the book soon, but Im kinda worried about something. Ive heard about the bad editing in the book, and Im not sure if I should 50 dollars on a book that is full of errors.

So what Im asking is this: should I get the book now, or should I wait for the second printing? And if so,when is the second printing coming out?

Also, Ive heard about people who buy the flawed book will be able to get special deals from Mongoose.

Finally, are the rumors false, and the errors not that bad at all? Do they hinder useage of the book?

Id appreciate your opinions on this. Thanks.
To be honest it depends how fussy you are :)

Myself I don't judge games by the number of mistakes I can find, as like anything in life if you look for the downside you will inevitably find one. That said however I have found the game totally playable as it is and any issues with editing that have come up have generally been clear enough to gather what was meant or intended.

Of course the second edition isn't that far off now... so although the first edition is totally usable your probably better off waiting for the second as that will be the plateau from which all future comments/releases etc are launched :)
Anonymous said:
When, exactly, will it be released?
Matt has stated that it will be at Gen Con. Safe to say it should be hitting the shelves in either late August, early September.
In complete & utter honesty, it's errors are NOT severe. Compared to companies like WotC & S&S, it's near-perfect. It has some errors. Its worse indiscretion is where it lacks a consistant formula to determine some things that are new for its specific rules (and almost all pertain to the critters, i.e. a good conversion guide for SRD critters including how to figure AP for their attacks & how to incorporate Sorcery for spell-abilities). It's actually a COMPLETE book in and of itself otherwise. It needs no other books to justify it. It includes setting & rules & adversaries. Let's face it. You heard about the errors on this forum, right? Well, we're critical people or else we wouldn't be on this forum. We nit-pick & try to find the errors so as to improve the game we love. But believe me, it's a much better edited book that 90% of the garbage out there. It will improve with each edition of course. And each edition will have its own errors. So far, my group loves it & I've written up a lot of material all from the core book & my imagination & Howard's influence. The Scrolls of Skelos is awesome but I didn't really need it in the same sense I needed the MM or the DMG to go along with the PHB. I still buy & use other D&D books but I know I don't need the Complete Whatever to run a good game or play a good character. So for $50 retail, you get the complete package that is Conan & the rest is just the proverbial iceing.
I read the book and missed most of the errors until I had them pointed out to me on forums. I've been running the game for a month and haven't run into a situation yet where editing problems have brought the game to a screeching halt.

Of course, I'm also a Son of Cimmeria and will get my 2nd printing copy cheap, so my players can borrow my 1st printing for reference.