Should Guests Be Able to Post?

Should they?

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Hey guys, I have posted this on the SST Minis fourm, and I think that I should post it here.
There have now been two posts of adult matierial (XXX) on the Starship Troopers Fan Fic Fourm, and I for one think that it should stop. There have also be posts of not too nice comments about the stories. And please, this is a serious mater, so if you don't have anything good to say, don't post it.
I think you need to take a reality check here man.
Because you've seen porn posted twice and some people have said some fan fiction is cack (which lets face it tends to be the perogative when writing such things) all guests should be banned?
Rather than spewing vitrol at you about freedin of speach etc I'll leave it at that, but just consider that getting an account isn't much harder than posting without one, and if you really were posting links on behalf of some shadowy explicit illegal russian smut site, wouldn't you just find a macro to do it for you?
I don't seem to recall a single "guest" post on these forums for a long time and I'd assumed that Mongoose have blocked "anonymous" posting.

But as MaxSteiner said, it doesn't take too much to create an account and then post a single spamming message (and there's presumably some bots out there that do this). Mongoose do tend to remove these when they are pointed out to them, but they are a pain, and they are unfortunatly quite a common occurrance.

It should be noted that there is no freedom of speech issue here. We're all Mongoose's guests here and they make the ground rules. They can (and may) supress any "opinions" expressed on this site and I fully support them in this and their good sense in this to date.
The problem is there are bots out there that sing up to message boards and post the stuff. Go look through the member list and check out how many have web sites for this or that or porn. Most of the members in the list are bots. Most bots don't make it to the posting stage but a few of them do.

I think guests should be able to post. I use to post as one a long time ago. For this reason I voted Yes.

I know other boards that allow guests to post and have very few problems. If there is something real pressing, that's what Mods are for.

It looks like others on here would have said the same but the way you phrase your words in the post seems a little like it contradicts the over all title of the thread.
As a professional writer, you have to take the good reviews with the bad.

Think about the hundreds of posts that we get complaining...sometimes quite harshly...about the work we are putting forth as our careers.

You have to simply take the good ones with the bad ones, pick out what to learn from the complaints that are sounded clearly and intelligently, and realise that everyone has their own opinions.

Just my view on things...which is why I voted YES on guest posting.

i said no, although Mongoose doesnt particulary have a problem with guest posts as with some other forums, but people think more about what they are saying if everyone knows who is saying it
I've seen perhaps 30 or so spam posts in about the last 2 or 3 years so it is hardly an epidemic, butthat said I do think 99% of those would never have appeared had guests been prevented from posting.

In all fairness if someone has something to say a couple of mins to register is no big deal and then they can keep themselves logged in permanently. Even if they never post again at least once they're registered its done.

The Moderator has already stated he will remove any once they appear as quickly as he can once reported, and I know for a fact he is on the case and looking for a means to resolve any future problems with them... see this is hardly a major issue, just ignore the relevant posts and be sure to report the threads to Dredd Times via PM and leave it with them.
What we really need is a button to "REPORT POST", thereby sending a link to the inappropriate posts to the Moderators.

I don't know why these boards don't already have them.

James / Nezeray
nezeray said:
What we really need is a button to "REPORT POST", thereby sending a link to the inappropriate posts to the Moderators.

I don't know why these boards don't already have them.

James / Nezeray

agreed there was some moron signed up from "Russia" with 1 post to his name putting a load of stock links into the SST forum last night
Mongoose Steele said:
As a professional writer, you have to take the good reviews with the bad.

You're a professional writer? New to me! Ha! :twisted:

Just kidding man... I don't want anyone to think I'm send hate posts here! Steele is the man!
I've just changed my mind; no. I hadn't seen one in the previous four months, now we get a crop of them all at once. It's irritating, it's a contradiction of what the forums are about, and I should probably amit that that the purply- overought fanfic in the B5 Fanfic forum is mine. Any way to retroactively take responsibility for a post? (I thought I had logged in, honest...)
guests should be allowed to post but maybe the moderators should be a little more vigilant as to what guests are posting
I forgot to post this, but the XXX post was posted again a couple days ago. That is 3 times in under two weeks.
I voted no

Only because this facility is being abused.

Its the same old story the few ruining it for the many.

A report button would be a really good idea.