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Why New York’s Billionaires’ Row Is Half Empty

Manhattan’s skyscrapers aren’t really built for people anymore.

1. Since there are no restrictions in the opposite direction, you could have a fat underground complex, anchoring the building as a whole.

2. Advanced materials like bonded superdense, could create stratospheric spires.

3. You could have a tailsitter at one to twenty four ratio, and have each deck specialized.

4. Each deck one suite of staterooms, plus facilities.

5. You could also build these as space stations.

6. Might qualify as ship shares.

7. Or, if the cost is several ship shares, treat it as a time share.

8. I wonder if space stations are subject to property tax?


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Launching Your Planetary Invasion | Orbital Bombardment, Dropships, & The Escalation Ladder

Do planetary invasions have a place within interstellar war? Can armies be expected to size control of entire worlds? Does orbital bombardment render such operations entirely unnecessary? On this episode of Incoming, the Templin Institute dares to answer these questions.

00:00 | Introduction
04:28 | Orbital Bombardment | Justifying Planetary Invasions
05:55 | War of the Admirals | Justifying Planetary Invasions
09:32 | Disadvantages of Orbital Bombardment | Justifying Planetary Invasions
14:43 | The Escalation Ladder | Justifying Planetary Invasions
22:23 | Horizontal Escalation | Justifying Planetary Invasions
24:06 | Scale of a Interstellar Armies | Justifying Planetary Invasions
26:04 | Morality of Orbital Bombardment | Justifying Planetary Invasions
27:14 | Planetary Assault | Types of Planetary Invasion
29:12 | Planetary Raid | Types of Planetary Invasion
30:18 | Planetary Withdrawal | Types of Planetary Invasion
31:15 | Planetary Demonstration | Types of Planetary Invasion
32:52 | Crisis Response | Types of Planetary Invasion
34:20 | Phases of a Planetary Invasion
39:37 | Individual Drop Pods | Dropship Types
42:54 | Heavy Drop Pods | Dropship Types
44:32 | Light Dropship | Dropship Types
46:18 | Medium Dropship | Dropship Types
47:15 | Heavy Dropship | Dropship Types
48:04 | Light Gunship | Dropship Types
49:14 | Medium Gunship | Dropship Types
50:02 | Heavy Gunship | Dropship Types
51:00 | Troop Transports | Dropship Types
52:13 | Conclusion

The Templin Institute. Investigating alternate worlds.

1. Depends how well the target is defended, and how much you're prepared to lose in equipment and troops.

2. And, in our case, defence in depth, as in subterranean.

3. Extensive attrition tends to shrink divisional size over the course of a conflict.

4. Decapitation strike.

5. Decoy pods.

6. Light dropship, fifteen tonnes.

7. Exterior cargo rack.

8. Medium dropship, thirty five to forty nine tonnes.

9. Heavy dropship, fifty to ninety nine tonnes.

A. Roll on roll off assault transport starship.

B. Anti Christ.


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2B25 silent mortar

Rosoboronexport presents a commando-type mortar – compact, lightweight and extremely silent 2B25. With the weight of only 13 kg the mortar can be transported by a crew of two and is deployed within 30 seconds.

Despite its small dimensions the 2B25 delivers 82 mm shells of special design that ensure low noise level when fired. The mortar is designed for special forces, commandos, counter-terrorist units and the like and it is indispensable in urban warfare.

1. Circumcised shell.

2. Surprise!


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The Van Allen Belts Are Dangerous - But Didn't Keep Us From The Moon | Answers With Joe

The Van Allen Belts are areas of high radiation where solar particles have been trapped and accelerated by the Earth's magnetic field. This has long been touted as evidence by conspiracy theorists that we couldn't have gotten to the moon. But while the Van Allen Belts are dangerous, the tenacity and genius of NASA engineers literally found a way around them. Here's how.

1. Let's nuke it.

2. Seventy rads, poisoning; one hundred twenty, fatal.


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Star Wars Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 TOP 10 Breakdown and The Mandalorian Easter Eggs

1. This episode is hilarious.

2. Also, slow motion chase scene; and the rocket pack works.


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Avatar 2: Everything You Need To Know

Avatar 2 is one of the most-hyped movies of 2022…maybe even of the last decade. But when does Avatar 2 come out? With a release date of December 16, 2022, we seem to be on the final runway to another adventure on the distant moon of Pandora. But this time, according to series Director James Cameron, we’ll be exploring Pandora’s ocean ecosystems. Yes, Sam Worthington’s Jake and Zoe Saldana’s Neytiri will be stepping out of the forest and into the world of the Metkayina, a sea-faring Na’vi clan we’ll meet in the sequel. Joining them will be a cast of young actors portraying their kids, including Jack Champion as ‘Spider,’ the couple’s adopted human son.

Also returning to the cast are CCH Pounder as Mo'rat, Giovanni Ribisi as Parker Selfridge, and Joel David Moore as Dr. Norm Spellman. Two surprising returns are Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, whose Dr. Grace Augustine and General Miles Quaritch seemingly died in the original Avatar film. According to Cameron and Producer Jon Landau, Weaver will be playing a different character in Avatar 2, whereas Stephen Lang will be playing General Quaritch. We don’t know exactly how Quaritch will make his return to Pandora, but it wouldn’t be surprising if this technologically advanced version of humanity has a few cloning tricks up their sleeves…

New cast additions include Kate Winslet as a Na'vi called Ronal, Edie Falco as General Ardmore of the RDA, Jermaine Clement as a marine biologist, Michelle Yeoh as scientist Dr. Karina Mogue, and Oona Chaplin & Vin Diesel as mYsTeRy RoLeS.

Hopefully we don’t see more disruptions with Avatar 2’s release and can finally see what James Cameron has been cooking up for the past 13 years when it releases on December 16, 2022! Eywa ngahu!

0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Jake & Neytiri’s Kids
1:26 - Jack Champion as ‘Spider’
1:59 - New Underwater Filming Technology
2:48 - Record-Breaking Breath-Holds
4:05 - Winslet’s Reunion with Cameron
4:36 - Weaver and Lang Returning??
5:00 - Potential Titles for Avatar Sequels

1. Dead Like me.

2. Lost.

3. Titanic II.

4. Wetspace.

5. Me Tree.


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Incredible Discovery About The 1000 Light Year Local Bubble

Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about incredible new discovery about the structure known as Local Bubble.



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9mm vs. 30 Super Carry Recoil (ft. Ian McCollum and Jeremy from TTAG) [SHOT Show 2022]

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves, Ian McCollum of @ Forgotten Weapons and Jeremy from The Truth About Guns try out .30 Super Carry for the first time and compare it to 9mm. How's the recoil difference between these 2? Check today's video to find out.

Technological level eight ammunition, seven and a half millimetres, fifteen percent increased ammunition capacity, damage 3d-3; platform technological level six autopistol, technological level five revolver.


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Blanets and Forsaken Worlds

And exploration of several classes of world where life may not arise, and no one will potentially ever visit.

1. Steel cores.

2. Diamond strata.

3. Strange matter, poisonous to normal matter.


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Traveller: Mysteries on Arcturus Station - RPG Overview

This collection of two investigative adventures aboard a space station can be played individually or as a series. 'The Hunt for Sabre IV' is written by myself, as the Travellers must uncover the conspiracy behind and locate a stolen ore carrier. The second scenario is my revised and updated version to J. Andrew Keith's 1983 classic 'Murder on Arcturus Station.'

Belter loader; Mister Robot.

Traveller: A Dagger at Efate - RPG Review

An urgent call sends the heroes to investigate a runaway starship. Once aboard, they discover that their problems are only beginning. Written by John Lewis, this short Amber Zone adventure first appeared the JTAS #8 in 1981.



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Breaking down the INCREDIBLE new location in BOOK OF BOBA FETT

Chapter 5 of the Book if Boba Fett added an incredible new location to the Universe, a ringworld known as Glavis, not unlike the ring worlds of Halo or Larry Niven's Ringworld. I'll give my full breakdown of the Star Wars Halo from the Book of Boba Fett for today's video!

1. The Darkside of the Ring.

2. Going in circles.

3. Edge of the world.

4. Curvedearthers.


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Original Anakin vs Obi-wan fight

Credit to amazinghaydenchristensen on Instagram for original upload

I suspect we got cheated out of quite a lot in the Prequels.


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What’s going on everyone! Today we’re gonna be doing a pretty fun video. We are going to be talking about the top 10 handguns and shotguns of 2022 I like the most!

1. Double barrel pump action shotgun with forward pistol grip.

2. Space age pellet gun.


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How Texas Could Solve Our Toxic Chemical Problem

Solugen Bio has built a chemical plant that produces all manner of chemical-based products using bio-based feedstock instead of fossil fuels. It also doesn't create waste and may help fight the climate crisis.

1. Zoning laws.

2. That's why you can install micro nuclear reactors at home.

3. Grown chemicals.

4. Enzyme directed.

5. Mix and match.

6. Carbon sucker.

7. Just in time chemicals.


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History of the Luftwaffe Gravity Knife - Geschichte des Kappmessers (1936-TODAY), WW2 footage

This video gives a brief overview of the history of the Lw Gravity Knife from 1936 until today.

Acceleration couch harness.


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Scientists Have Found Most Horrible Planet In Known Universe

Vacation destination.


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Human Hibernation In Space? Interesting New Findings

Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about new discoveries about hibernation when it comes to traveling in space.

1. If you can bear it.

2. Or stomach it.


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The Reality of Gauss Rifles and Coil Guns w/ David Wirth of Arcflash Labs

David Wirth is one of the founders of Arcflash Labs, a small company developing "ultra-high energy pulsed power supplies", which have applications in a variety of fields - but today we are talking about electromagnetic weaponry. Arcflash is currently shipping out their first batch of commercial GR-1 "Anvil" shoulder-fired gauss rifles. They brought one down for me to try out, and I figured it would be best to start with some background discussion. So today, David and I are talking about how coil guns and rail guns work (and what the difference between the two is), how Arcflash came about developing the GR-1, where they expect the technology to go, and the applications for this and future mass accelerators.

(For the record, I love being able to write a description like this and legitimately use terms like "rail gun" and "gauss rifle"...)

So, check it out! And stick around for a detailed look at the GR-1 Anvil on Friday, and the lunacy of me taking it to a Backup Gun Match on Saturday...

1. Magnetic reluctance.

2. Lorenz force.

3. Early prototype.

4. Capacitors versus batteries.

5. Coil guns/mass drivers get more efficient at larger calibres.

6. Railguns higher velocities and lower masses.

7. Deteriorating components.

8. Transformers in the charger vibrating faster.

9. No set chamber, so magazines/bullets of different sizes.

A. Impart spin through magnetic field.

B. Computerized adjustment.


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The hidden reason Olympic sledding is so dangerous

In recent years, the sliding community — made up of skeleton, bobsleigh, and luge athletes — has experienced a spate of brain injury-related tragedy. At first glance, the reason why seems obvious: Sleds regularly reach speeds that top 90 miles per hour, and crashes are unfortunately very common.

But there is growing research that shows it might be the act of sledding itself that is the main driver of brain injury. With every run, athletes are exposed to immense force and vibration, causing micro-concussions that can ultimately add up to major damage. Those concussions are mild enough that they can go undiagnosed. But among sledding athletes the symptoms that indicate a micro-concussion — headaches, dizziness, etc. — are so common they have a special nickname, “sled head.”

There’s a lot science still doesn’t know about sled head and the brain in general. But from what we can tell, it’s pretty clear that sliding sports put the brain health of athletes at risk.

Constant jinking under high acceleration, like in a dogfight.

Fighter pilots may be spending a lot of their time in a bacta tank.


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Game Developer Accuses Real-Life Weapons Manufacturer of Stealing Its Gun Design... Twice

IGN investigates the story behind an indie game studio's claim that Kalashnikov Concern, Russia's largest arms manufacturer, stole a shotgun design from a game the studio was developing to make a real life shotgun.

1. Nice aesthetics.

2. Russians.

3. Well, capitalistic Russians.

4. Fixer.

5. Apparently, selling a concept, and then finding a third party to deliver on it.

6. I think a simple shotgun design is optimal, just not visually exciting.