ship movement speeds AE


The table (p 145 AE ) seems to have some really weird bits in it. like a stygian galley moves at 3 mph under sail and 3mph under oar. But per DAY it travels 72 and 30 miles respectively.

Anyone know anything about this table or got some more consistent values for movement speeds?

Oh wait I see, they are saying you can row it for only 10 hours and you can sail it for 24.

that isn't clear.
I don't know that much about sailing, but 3 mph sounds pretty slow for a ship. I've lived most of my life near the shore and that doesn't sound right.
That's 3 knots not MPH, technically speaking. 1 knot = 1.15 MPH. With 1 knot equalling 1 nautical mile or 60 knots equalling 1 degree of latitude.

Looking at the Sygian galley it is not a fast ship since it is a Merchant ship with two cargo holds that are used to transport slaves. It's faster rowing than with it's sails up. It only travels 2 knots per hour with sails. The supplement Pirate Isles has a great list of tables for Travel by Sea on page 37. This list consists of 3 tables:

1) Distance from Common Ports (Miles at sea)

2) Travel Time between Common Ports (days/rowed)

3) Travel between Common Ports (Fast Travel)

Basically, the GM will decide how long it takes and what happens on the way.