Ship Design Philosophy

Starwarships: VALKYRIE CLASS | The forgotten little Battlestar that could(n't)

The Valkyrie class, the Boba Fett of Battlestar Galactica. A ship that showed up for a grand total of 30 seconds only to get obliterated by the Cylons in glorious atomic fire. A ship that looks awesome but suffers from a chronic case of short king syndrome. Half a ship, if you will. So if you're interested in learning about the smallest Battlestar, from it's history and construction to it's armaments and capability then stick around. Grab a drink, and enjoy.

0:00 intro
1:25 History & Development
12:16 Stats & Armaments
21:24 Combat role
24:03 Final thoughts

1. Light cruiser.

2. No launch tubes.

3. Swarms.

4. Are they destroyers - probably not.

5. Broadside does allow some stand off.

6. If you could have an effective quarter tonne dirtside weapon system suitable for point defence.

7. Cope cage.

8. If the game limits numbers, would have stuck with Artemisii.
Spaceships: The riddle of the V2 rocket shape

The V2 rocket is instantly recognisable by its extraordinary shape. But where did this revolutionary body shape come from, and why has it not been seen again in missile design since the 1950s? And yet, paradoxically, the shape in stylised form appears on millions of internet pages - why?

We continue exploring the A4 / V2 rocket in detail by looking at the surprising origins of the V2's core body shape. The first designs of the A3 and A5, both prototypes of the A4, had ballistic features emanating from the early 20th-century science of ballistics that the A4 would inherit. But crucially, some elements would change due to a supersonic flow theory revolution in 1930s America.

00:00 Introduction
03:09 V2 rocket shape
05:45 The chubby rocket
09:33 Defining the ogives
12:20 Getting it wrong
14:39 It's a bullet!
20:25 Handbook of Ballistics
23:02 Heydenreich ogive rule
28:15 Torpedo of 1744
29:24 Ballistics era
35:05 Dr Hermann and A3
38:09 The Windtunnel
47:55 Kurzweg's rocket
53:29 Von Kármán
56:49 Haack's paper of '41
1:00:34 Inside the outside
1:04:23 Summary
1:05:35 The V2's ghost in art & culture
1:11:34 Mole bunker?

1. Still, great for a tailsitter, and considering thrust dynamics, every little bit of minimization of drag counts, in a one gee gravity well.

Starwarships: Complete History of Human Naval Doctrine | Star Citizen Lore

Come hear the tale of one of the doctrines of the frontline defenders of humanity, the Navy. From ad-hoc defenders of unity to pirate police, and from massive imperial fleets to nimble squadrons, learn how the changing political realities of the Star Citizen universe has changed the role and ships of the UEE Navy.

00:00 - Intro
04:45 - Lore
40:56 - Outro

1. I think in Traveller you're more likely to scrap the hull, and salvage the internal ship components.

2. Of course, if it's an advanced stealthed hull, you're more likely to upgrade said internal ship components.

3. Patrolling in peacetime most common activity.

4. Paramilitarizing spacecraft in Traveller feasible short of spinal mounted cruisers.

5. And then, it's possible to build a civilian hull around a spinal mount, cost versus survival might be a tad lopsided.

6. Lord knows, I've tried coming up with a viable design.

7. Lots of spacecraft, especially fighters, allow multiple angles of attack.

8. Larger number of spacecraft allows greater flexibility in response.

9. Completely wipe out any individual Aslan incursion?
Starwarships: How to Compose a Sci-Fi Space Fleet

1. Capital ships for the line of battle.

2. Cruise ships.

3. Escort ships.

4. Homogenization.

5. Leftovers and custom jobs.

6. Upgrades.

7. Auxiliary ships.

8. Support ships.

8. Smallcraft.
Inspiration: Top 10 Sci-Fi Anime TV Shows Of All Time

Get ready to venture through time, space, and the limits of human consciousness as we count down the Top 10 Sci-Fi Anime TV Shows Of All Time!

0:00 - Intro
1:30 - Knights of Sidonia
3:10 - Elfen Lied
4:57 - Serial Experiments Lain
6:37 - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
8:27 - Legend of the Galactic Heroes
10:24 - Ergo Proxy
12:07 - Psycho-Pass
14:07 - Steins;Gate
15:48 - Cowboy Bebop
17:30 - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Spaceships: Armaments and The Deadly Coilgun/Railgun Hybrid You've Never Heard Of (Helical Railguns)

Spacedock delves into the pros and cons of Railguns and Coilguns, as well as a couple of advanced
variations on the principle.

1. Might be overcomplicated.

2. Evaporated coolant.

3. Heat expelled as plasma.

4. Plasma used propellant.

5. For the spacecraft.
Starwarships: Oddball "Transitional" Designs in Sci-Fi Spaceships

Spacedock delves into unusual transitional designs in history and science fiction.

Well, they are odd.

Transitional ...
Inspiration: Falling Frontier - All New Trailer Cinematics

A quick compilation of all the current CGI parts featured in the newest Falling Frontier Trailers.

I'm real excited for the game.

Starwarships: Ship Refits and Upgrades in Sci-Fi and History

Spacedock delves into the refits and overhauls of various ships in fact and fiction.

1. We sort of stuck with the existing hull.

2. And colocated armour.

3. Major systems are not really economic to replace.

4. Which leaves minor systems.

5. And anything modular, like turrets and bays.