Ship Design Philosophy

Spaceships: Designator

A. Landing ship tends to have a military connotation, and might be used for an unprepared area, as well as usual spaceport facilities; possibly jump capable.

B. Would be large enough to transport heavy vehicles.

C. Landing boat might have a vehicle, but the implication would be more troop orientated.

D. Landing craft could go either way, but likely without a jump drive.

E. Lander is likely civilian, or exploratory.

F. Probably, also more sophisticated than a landing boat.
Spaceships: Designator

G. A re-entry capsule consumes 0.5 tons and costs Cr20000.

H. Assault capsules consume 0.5 tons each and cost Cr50000. They grant the occupant Armour 20 and inflict DM-2 on any Electronics (sensors) checks made to detect them.

I. High survivability capsules consume 0.5 tons each and cost MCr0.1. They grant the occupant
Armour 30 and inflict DM-4 on any Electronics (sensors) checks made to detect them, and DM-2 against any attack rolls.

J. A re-entry pod is similar to a capsule but is built with a gliding surface and computer guidance, allowing it to avoid potentially dangerous terrain and deliver its two occupants safely to the planet’s surface. A skilled Traveller can take control of the pod’s descent using the Flyer (wing) skill. A re-entry pod consumes 1 ton and costs Cr150000.

K. Most likely a gravitational motor and batteries.
Spaceships: Designator

L. By implication, pods and capsules, and probes, seem subsmallcraft.

M. Funnily enough, current revision doesn't appear to mention pod or capsule launchers.

N. Anyway, five and a half tonnes is eleven capsules, and five plus pods.

P. However, for civilian purposes, a DINGHY has more utility.

Q. For the pod, a spacecraft defaults to pilot, rather than vehicular, skill.
In theory, particle accelerators can create micro black holes.

Double hull the particle accelerator spinal mount and get it to spin internally.
Its the magnetic field containing the particle plasma that has me interested...

did you know there is a magnetism equivalent to the colour charge just as there is to the electric charge.

Now normally confinement means it can't reach vert far (massive understatement), but what if in a couple of TLs or four we could manipulate colour charge in such a way to create a "magnetic vortex" equivalence within the gluon field and chuck mesons at high velocity in self maintaining packets...
If you borrow the magnetic bottle from the fusion reactor, you can induce a magnetic field.

I don't know about colour changes, unless that's somehow connected with the electromagnetic spectrum.
The colour charge is a property of quarks - red, blue, green and their anti-colours. Colour is just a name given to three types of property, it has nothing to do with EM "colour".

A moving quark colour charge generates "colour magnetism" in an analogous way to a moving electric charge generating a magnetic effect.

Our current understanding is that this is confined within the nucleus.

What I am postulating is that at TL12 sufficient knowledge that makes nuclear dampers a thing can also be manipulated to overcome confinement.

The meson gun thus becomes possible.
Thing you have to remember is that the Scout Service is a Civilian Institute and not a military one. And its main purpose is to deliver mail, explore and update charts.
I just had a vision of a hybrid character composed of Indiana Jones and Newman from Seinfeld pop into my head...really disturbing.
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For boarding parties, or repelling thereof.

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Generic greetings and welcome to a list of all the colonial raptors. Starting at the history and development of the earliest versions all the way to post canon fan made designs that fit just right. We'll be covering everything from their weaponry, to their electronics systems to the occasional odds and ends the ship contains.

1. Too crowded.

2. Since it's jump capable, too small for a hundred tonnes.

3. In my terms, I'd stuff in a Venture jump drive, and task it for the immediate one parsec forward scout/patrolling.

4. I would suppose the standard scoutship would qualify, though I'd increase acceleration.

5. On a hundred tonne hull, you could optimize upto three parsec range, and after that, it's basically an ecks boat.