Shields and two-handed weapons


I just wanted to clarify something concerning the targe shield. The book states that a targe shield will grant a + 1 DV parry bonus when held in a characters off-hand even when that off-hand also holds a weapon. Does this bonus also extend to a character wielding a two-handed weapon?
I would argue yes. It is actually how it should have been used primarily. And nothing game mechanics-wise contradicts it.
I didn't see anything in the rules stating otherwise either. While looking at the description of the large shield I had noticed that it specifically states the type of bonus (+ 0 I believe) received when using the shield with an off-hand weapon and a two-handed weapon, whereas the details on the targe mention only use with an off-hand weapon. I couldn't figure out if the omission regarding two-handed weapon use was intentional or accidental. Still, I would assume that if the bonus did not extend to a character wielding a two-handed weapon that it would have been included in the shields description.