Shiel-fa questions


First of all, what is it suppose to look like and how is it use be Telchoi? How do they lauch the bolts. Me and my players read the entry in the equipement, but just can't come to a definitive conclusion.

Second, it is more a tehcnicla question. How many bolts can be fired at the same time? When all six bolts are ready to go, can a Telchoi lauch them all in a single attack or is it one bolt per attack?
To quote August from his answer over at tower of the sun,

August said:
In effect, the shiel-fa is a thick bracer that is worn on the forearm. The handbolts are loaded by wrapping the many leather strips affeixed to the shiel-fa around them and then fitting them to bone notches set in the wristguard.

The shiel-fa is fired by rapidly twisting the wrist to the right (or left, depending on the handedness of the wielder). The cords snap back, twisting around the bolts and sending them forward like an atl-atl.

Hope that helps.

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