Shadizar Map Download

Bregales said:
Oh man, I just figured out why the River's in there: I figure they were thinking of the Arnold movie "Conan the Destroyer" where Conan & his friends are sneaking in through the hidden underground cave, under the waterfall, where Tracy Walter says, "My sister's brother's cousin never mentioned this" and eventually Grace Jones screams "Who cares whose sister's brother's cousin it is!" while Arnold's pulling the bars! God, what an awful movie. :lol:

Now that's a justifiable reason to put a river in a city if ever I heard of one, to accomodate a poorly written slapstick scene in a bad movie! :p

I think this Shadizar's place was based in another one, described by Conan to Nestor in the DeCamp's version of "The Hall of the Dead". :wink: That Conan The Destroyer's scene was a bad adaptation indeed! :lol:
I got the Shadizar boxed set and I had my player's characters travel for 4 game sessions til they finally all met each other in Shadizar. Currently they are battling the reconstructed temple of Morath-Aminee.

I think Shadizar is an awesome box set and great setting for a campaign.