Session 2 - BinB - Shadizar - Them's the ones!

Arkobla Conn


Seperated from the others during the flight through the Maul, Ajonga and Raz found themselves on the top of a delapidated building hoping their climbing skills were enough to get them out of harms least for a few minutes. After several tense heartbeats, it was apparent that their pursuers had lost them and, like the baying of hounds after losing the scent of the hare, yells and curses moved off into the darkness.

As the relative quiet of the night fell around them, they became aware of a presense in the shadows....a beautiful red haired woman wearing tight black leather armor. "You look like you need help" she said, and both men smiled.

Hours later, the displaced pair, with Miranda thief of Shadizar, arrived at the Frog and Whistle. It was nearing midnight, and the common area was relatively empty. The rest of their party was waiting for them, but only four others were in the room. A lone guardsman sat, moving his eyes up and down both Lady Maja and Miranda. In a far corner, a dark clothed man sat with a pair of merchants, their whispered conversation not clear.

During the next thirty minutes, the group discussed their next step and decided that it may be time to leave Shadizar. Belyara's tasks were over and the events at the Bordello were bound to cause problems. With the late hour, the group decided to stick it out until morning, but they would move off right after breakfast.

Before retiring for the night, the group did engage the guard in conversation. They found out he was more than a flirt and an peep. He admited that he worshiped at the alter of Kara Parma, and further encouraged the group to look into her worship. 'Especially you pair' he said to Miranda and Maja. 'A pair of ladies like you will be most welcome to the Orgies.' He hinted that the worship took place in the Wealthy quarter but would say no more. Eventually, the group turned in for the night.

As the sun rose over the city of decadence, Hadrathus and Raz discussed the road. With a quick breakfast, the group led there horses out of the combination common room and stable.

"Them's the ones!" yelled a woman in a shrill voice.

"Drop your weapons!" bellowed out another, masculine voice.

Around them, from almost every angle, men with weapons, dressed similiar to the men they fought and killed yesterday, readied weapons and began moving toward them menancingly. Belyara, Ajonga, Hadrathus, Miranda and Raz reacted more quickly than the assailents, taking some risks, but able to move past everyone. Abaddon &Lady Maja were not so quick. They were quickly surrounded before being able to move off.

Mounting his horse, Raz plowed over one guard while striking down another. He then saw that Miranda was being cornered against a wall and he whirled about to help. Providing some distraction, she took the moment given to climb up the wall and disappear into the inn upper window. As Belyara and Ajonga fought to get back to the pair, Lady Maja attempted a similiar manauever with her horse. She deftly avoided dangerous blades that stabbed at her and rode through, freeing herself. Abaddon, following suit, was not so lucky. He was hit by three blades taking the opportunity to find soft spots in his defense. He fell to the ground just as his horse bolted off, untended.

"Put up your weapons, or he dies!" snarled one of the men, as he held a blade to Abaddon's throat. Raz ignored him, and spurred his horse forward once again, only to be unhorsed by guards attacking the mount. He looked up in time to see the dagger plunge downward and a gout of blood rise up - but he also saw the small goats bladder that was held next to the neck and the dagger pierce this instead of the neck itself.

Despite knowing that Abaddon was not slain, the group was not able to save him from being pulled into the Inn with more than a 1/2 dozen guards. As alarms raised all around them, they felt that Abaddon would have to be saved another time. The group fled into the morning throng, vowing to save their friend.
-Lady Maja attempted a similiar manauever with her horse. She deftly avoided dangerous blades that stabbed at her and rode through, freeing herself.-

Riding free of the circle of armed guards, Lady Maja rode through the street towards the woman who had first pointed them out to the armed men. Sword was sheathed and Hykernian bow drawn. Born into the saddle as she was, the Lady held on, steering the horse with her legs as deftly the bow string was pulled back and arrow shot towards the whore who had sold her and the companions out. The first arrow hit the woman's back as she attemped to run around a building and away from the charging Maja. Falling to the dusty ground, blood spilled out from around the arrow tip. Nocking another arrow, Maja's horse slowed. Standing above the woman whom now, no man would pay to lay next to, Maja commented "This is for selling us out." The arrow then was let fly to end her life.

(was rather proud of that so I had to add it. Hope you don't mind Arkobla)
Lady Maja, great job in hunting and killing the informant. I thought that Raz should be a honorably mentioned for his skills in using his horse as a weapon.
BTW- Ajonga was especially greatful to Maja since the informant was the lady who gave him his backrub. Nothing rubs Ajonga the wrong way like a snitch. :wink:
I will add some greater detail to the fight as well, some of the good stuff was left out...I have taken a bit of poetic license in parts of the dialogue..the players can forgive me for this!

Waking up from a not so restful night, Hadrathus and Miranda got out of bed and dressed. They wandered down to the common room and met with their companions. Over breakfast they discussed their next move. As they spoke, Lady Maja and Ajonga went upstairs to gather their belongings.

"Bel, have you ever heard of a Lady Nahira?" asked Hadrathus.

"No, why do you ask?" muttered Bel.

" The girl from the Brothel mentioned her to me for some reason. Said she was looking for a husband. We were interupted by those guards before I could ask more".

As Hadrathus had asked about Lady Nahira, he had seen the Inn's hired guard perk up and look over before going back to his meal.

In Cimmerian: "Raz, come with me, We must invite our friend over there to join us."

Hadrathus and Raz walked over to the other table. Hadrathus in front, Raz walked behind the guard. The man was short, like most Zamorans and dark in complexion. He looked as if he had once been a man of great physique but had now turned soft. His face was fleshy and haggard, too much drink or other illicit pleasures had made their mark upon his countenance. Wine stains smudged his old, but well made shirt.

"So, friend, you know of a Lady Nahira. I would know more." It was a statement, not a question.

"Uhh..No..No, I do not know any Lady..uh Nahira, did you say?" The man was clearly nervous.

"I did! And you know of whom I speak. Please join us at our table for some refreshment. It is always more pleasant to speak with a full belly and a tankard of wine."

"Uhh..No I couldn't. On duty you know..."

"I must Insist" Hadrathus stated with a smile that did not reflect in his eyes. Raz from behind put both hands on the man's shoulders. The man squirmed in discomfort as Raz steadily increased the pressure with his fingers.

Just then Maja came down and appraising the situation sauntered over, hips swaying seductuively. She was dressed in a leather jerkin and breeches but in a way that accentuated her curves rather than hid them. Her swaying movements as she moved away from the stairs formed a rhythmic dance, entrancing her audience. She instantly became the center of attention, all eyes, hot with desire devoured her form. She came up to the guard, eyes appraising.

"Will you not accept our Invitation? Maja said through pouting lips. I would be most disappointed," she whispered in his ear as she lightly bit the lobe.

"Uhh.. in that case..uh I would be delighted." With a sickly smile back at Raz, the guard rambled over and was directed to sit between Raz and Abaddon. Maja sat opposite, next to Hadrathus, batting her lashes at the guard and sighing at his every word.

"Now, tell us of this Nahira" stated Hadrathus.

"Uhh..she is a worshiper of Kara Parma. They have Orgies to celebrate every now and again...You should go, especially the ladies. They would like them."

"You have been to one?"

"Well, no but I have heard tell of them! They are wonderful. Next one is in two days."

"And how does one get invited to one of these events?"

"Yes, how?" purred Maja, her cheeks coloring slightly as from some inner passion, head cast downward and to the side, but staring boldy through veiled lashes at the man staring at her.

"Uhh...hmm...ahhh, I am not sure how you would get invited. I guess you could ask her ladyship."

"Hmm...yes. statd Hadrathus, Yes I guess we could." You may go back to your duties now. We have taken up enough of your time. You have been very helpful."

"Perhaps I will see you later." Maja stroking her fingers along his arm. Raz and Abaddon's faces were getting visibly red, though not nearly as red as the guard. Bel was bent over coughing from swallowing his wine too quickly.

"Ahh...yes..I would like that very much, very much indeed. My shift ends at Midnight..I could see you then?"

Maja now staring adoringly at the man with her head cradled in her hands just smiled and looked at the man: "Perhaps".

"I am not sure what this has to do with us, muttered Abaddon, after the man left. I think we should stick with the plan and leave this city while we still can."

"Yes. Maja uttered in her normal voice, no sign of the sultry seductress from just moments ago. These Orgies seem interesting but perhaps another time. Anyways, Bel has already experienced his own private Orgy back in that brothel. Perhaps he can enlighten us to what is gained in these rites."

"I am not one to kiss and tell! That is unless the price was right" explained Bel

"Ha! I think I saw enough to form a story of my own!" Who knows what would have happened had Hadrathus not asked me to find you!"

"Well we could have had our own cermony Maja, if only you had taken up my invitation last night to join me and Miranda" Hadrathus said chuckling.

"You would not be able to handle the both of us!"

Nodding as if in deep thought Hadrathus said, "You are probably right. However I look forward to a one on one session". Maja rolled her eyes.

"Well no sense wasting daylight, said Raz. We should go."

It was agreed by all. They gathered their belongings and steeds, and with a full stomach, they left the Inn.

As the words "Them's the One's" echoed away, a string of curses erupted from Hadrathus's lips! Who in the seven hells was THAT strumpet!

"Ajonga, Was that not the girl you were with in the Brothel?" laughed Bel.."Apparently you failed to satisfy her needs!"

"They send only 20, exclaimed Raz, They apparently have not yet learned to respect us. We should remedy that!"

"Yes, Cimmerian, laughed Ajonga we will wet our spears this day! The women of this place will wail for their lost sons!"

The enemy force was lacking any missle weaponry and the thought of battle was pleasing to Hadrathus' warrior spirit. Though he doubted not the outcome or his groups martial prowess, it would serve no purpose to stay and fight.

"Nay, Raz. By the time we slay these bandits, the Guard could be upon us in numbers and mayhaps they would bring bows." Tis better to leave this city quickly as if we stay, even a blind thief would be able to track us by the trail of bodies we leave. On my command, everyone wheel right. If we become seperated, we will rendevous at the Gate of Swords.

The enemy force was deployed in a crescent around the Inn.

"GO!" Hadrathus wheeled right and ran around the corner of the Inn, taking the closest group of 4 by surprise. Ajonga and Bel likewise followed in quick succession. The enemy quickly recovered their wits and cut off retreat for the remainder of the group, Abaddon, Maja, Miranda, and Raz.

Miranda seeing the right cut off moved left. She was slashed by a short sword and retreated to the Inn wall. Raz intervened using his horse for a battering Ram and smashing on all sides with his heavy mace. A sickening crunch announced the success of his attack as blood and brains propelled from a crushed skull and turned the ground red. Raz was free of the melee but refused to leave while his companions remained in the fray. He wheeled his horse around and charged again.

In the distraction, Miranda climbed the Inn's wall and disappeared into an upstairs window.

Back into the Inn, my lady, yelled Abaddon! I will defend the door while you make your escape." They were surrounded on all sides as the enemy closed in.

"Nay! Ever have I stood amongst you in the forefront of battle and I shall not fail now. Come, let us greet our guests properly!" With that she leaped forward and struck with Scimitar and dagger. Abaddon was a second slower but also engaged with his two blades, Together they formed a whirlwind of naked steel, dealing death to those foolish enough to get too close. Abaddon could not help but to keep an eye on his fairer companion and became incautious in deflecting a blade about to disembowel Maja and left his defense open a few seconds too long. Abaddon was struck by no less than 3 blades, his blood now mingled with that of his foes. Still he fought on like a trapped lion, roaring his defiance!

Hadrathus, Ajonga, and Bel meanwhile had broken free from the fight. 6 of the enemy had followed. At the end of the Inn, the sounds of clashing steel and the screams of the dead and dying brought Hadrathus and Ajonga to a halt. Bel jumped on his horse and disappeared in the labrynth of buildings. With just a nod to each other, they waded back to help their friends! Ajonga, hearing Abaddon's roar, flew into a terrible fury. He attacked without regard to his defense, hacking and slaying at any in reach. Hadrathus, more patient and methodical, tested his enemies mettle. They were poor swordsmen and with one man down on his knees, trying to hold in his life's blood from a slit throat, another holding the stump of an arm, and a third staring with already vacant eyes from a massive chest wound, Hadrathus mounted his horse. He glanced back at Ajonga, a spray of arterial blood spouted all over Ajonga's head and torso as his foes head flew from its shoulders. The headless body flopped heavily at Ajonga's feet. He looked more like a primordial god of death than that of a man. With another foe disembowled, and only 1 left, it was safe for Hadrathus to see how his other companions were faring.

Back in the thick of the fight, Abaddon was bleeding from many superficial wounds. Raz, seeing Maja and his plight charged the group. In his way were several enemy combatants. One dove from the horse, another felt the mace sink into his unarmored shoulder, shattering the bone. The third however with a lucky strike plunged an axe into the horse's skull. The dying horse crashed heavily into the dust. Raz managed to disentangle himself and avoid the falling horse. Picking himself up, he pulled out a viscious looking axe as his enemies surrounded him. Little did they realize that the barbarian was more deadly on foot than on horseback!

Maja seeing her and Abaddon's hope of a quick rescue dashed with the fall of Raz, decided on a bold plan.
"Follow my lead Abaddon!" Deftly mounting her horse and avoiding the blades of her enemies she forced her way past their line. Abaddon, weak from blood loss, was able to mount but was unable to avoid the blows aimed at his person. With a groan, Abaddon fell to the churned up, blood soaked earth and knew no more. His horse with empty saddle galloped down the street.

"Tie him up! The Lady Mira wants them alive!" Maja heard this as she rode from the group. Abaddon was quickly bound. Maja seeing their betrayer still lurking, galloped towards her, knocking an arrow. The scantily clad woman, sensing her peril, ran screaming down an alley. Sword was sheathed and Hykernian bow drawn. Born into the saddle she was, the Lady held on, steering the horse with her legs as deftly the bow string was pulled back and arrow shot towards the whore who had sold her and the companions out. The first arrow imbedded in the woman's back as she attemped to run around a building, away from the charging horsewoman. She tumbled into a pile of refuse, falling to the dusty ground, blood spilled out from around the arrow tip. Nocking another arrow, Maja's horse slowed. Standing above the woman whom now, no man would pay to lay next to, Maja commented: "This is for selling us out." The arrow then was let fly to end her life.

At this point Hadrathus came riding in a wide arc, around the Inn. Keeping a wide berth from the combatants, he saw Maja ride down the alley, Abbaddon bound near the Inn door, 7 men surrounding him. Raz likewise surrounded by 4 foes, reining death about him with Mace and Axe. Reacting quickly, Hadrathus charged the group surrounding Raz. He bowled one over with his horse and slashed one with his sword. Momentarily taken aback by the sudden onslaught, Hadrathus reined in.

"Mount up Raz!" Raz grabbed Hadrathus' hand and they quickly sped away from the combat. Pulling up a short distance the two took in the scene. The 3 remaining Zamorans from Raz's group joined their compatriots at the Inn's door. Blood and gore covered the ground, dead men and beasts littered the area. The less serious wounded were dragging themselves to safety while those more serious cried out in agony. Blood was splashed upon the walls and ran in rivelets to pool in depressions in the earth, churned up by steel hoof and booted foot. Hadrathus slowly walked his horse towards the group surrounding Abaddon. Maja resurfaced from the alley and Bel was seen riding from around a building to the right side of the enemy. He had obviously circled around. Ajonga could be heard dispatching his final foe.

"Drop your weapons or he will die" a rough looking squinty eyed man said from the group, apparently the leader.

"Let him go and you will live" said Hadrathus. Raz jumped from the horse and began marching towards the group.

"They will not harm him. They want us alive" exclaimed Maja. "I heard them." The man with a sleight of hand trick apeared to stab Abaddon in the neck. Raz with a howl of rage charged. Bel began shooting the men in the back. 2 more went down but the rest mangaged to get Abaddon into the Inn. Raz crashed his axe into the door which shuddered on its hinges but managed to hold.

"The guard is near, and in force" said Bel. "I saw them when i circled. We must leave this place."

"Yes, we must go, muttered Hadrathus. The ruler will be forced to act against us after this. We will be branded Rogues or worse."

With an Oath, Raz turned from the door, blood lust showing in his eyes, then quick as a panther, turned and smashed the door again.
"Let be, Raz! Hadrathus commanded. Fear not, Abaddon lives! They would not trouble themselves to carry away a dead man."
Raz took Hadrathus's hand and mounted up behind. With one last look, the companions left the field of slaughter...

Great writing Maja - I could not outdo your part so I did not try!
*applause* That was great Hadrathas! I'm thinking about just deleting the post I wrote. I wanted to include more about other people... but as you know, last week I had a major brain cramp right in the middle of role playing and forgot (or missed) alot of went on. Blah.

But yeah... between Arkobla's post and Hadrathas... that was the session.
Well written Arkobla, Maja, and Hadrathas. :p

BTW: Miranda thief of Shadizar and Lady Mira sounds like it could be the same person?
I bow to the skill (and time) of Hadrathus...

For the most part, this is accurate...but it was Lady Nahira...perhaps I mumbled her name quickly. Other than that, most of it is correct.
Sorry Arkobla! I fixed my post to reflect the name change. Glad you liked it! I did have some extra time. I was a bit hazy on her name and her status - was not sure if she was a priestess of that goddess or just a follower. Hope you enjoyed the added dialogue, I tried to stick to the facts. Memory could fail at times...
As always, a great story to aspire to. The additional tellings from the players added just the right amount of "I was there to tell the tale" to the story line.

Good job!