Session 1 - Ancient Mes. - Favored of the Gods

Arkobla Conn

*Note - I took a few liberties with the intro here to overlay the potential and importance of this portion of the campaign to my PC's. I have not GM'd them for a month and this was my first session back.

** Note 2 - This is lengthy.

The PC's are 7th level

Raz - Cimmerian Barbarian with a flavor of Pirate & Soldier
Maja - Hyrkanian Noble/Nomad
Ajonga - Black Kingdom Barbarian/Pirate
Belyara - Zamoran Thief
Abaddon - Meadow Shemite Borderer/nomad
Hadrathus - Bossonian soldier/borderer

The PC's last left off travelling through the desert toward the river styx on the east side of Shem. They were greviously wounded from conflict and travelling somewhat ill prepared for the harsh climate of the desert.


Raz and Maja stand in an open field, snow covering their ankles. The air is crisp, with nose hairs bristling in the chill. Up the hillock, the noise of a blacksmith drifts down. They climb and find the blacksmith who says nothing, mearly pointing to a village beyond the hill. The Cimmerian and Hyrkanian move off, following the road to the village. Within, they find a meed hall that is full of Cimmerian men and women. A few children play in and around the tables. The place is not quiet, but neither is it overly loud. Raz and Maja approach the bar keep and he hails them.

'What place is this?' asks Raz.

'If you do not know, you will soon' replies the barkeep, and he points to a stout oak door with black iron studs. Raz and Maja move through the door to find a long (abnormally so) dark hall that has a light at the far end. Walking through the gloom, they approach two men and a woman, cimmerians all, who stand resolute and quiet until spoken to. At each stop, Raz asks 'Whose hall is this?' The answer comes back the same each time 'You know'.

Approaching the dias, a man sits on the throne. It is Crom, god of the Cimmerians.

"You have died before I am ready for you." says the stern god. "Another will ask your help. Provide it." When asked why Maja was before him, the god answers and only Raz and Maja know that answer.


Hadrathus, Belyara, Ajonga & Abaddon find themselves in a room full of men and women laughing, drinking, eating and loving. It is a pleasure hall, a Harem, a feast and a festival all rolled into one mass of calm hedonism. Eventually, they find themselves on divans, drinking wine and resting from their passions. They realize that none of them remember coming to this place, nor why they are there. They also realize the absense of Raz and Maja. As if on cue, the pair arrives via a stout oak door with black iron studs ... a door which is not the same decor as the Shemite motif that surrounds them. When all six are together, a young woman, dressed in opaque silks, tells them that 'She will see you now'

Moving to an open air courtyard and garden, the group finds a bare-breasted, golden haired woman sitting on a marble bench. Obvious to all, she also has large wings attacked to her back. 'I am Ishtar' she announces.

"You all died in the desert below due to your wounds and lack of water. I have need of you, however, and choose to grant you my favor in return for service. There are those below who need your help. Do so, and you will have earned your lives."

"When shall we go?" asks one. "Now" is the response as the garden disappears and the group finds themselves strewn about a dune, the heat of the sun beating down upon them and the vague image of a dark skinned woman moving about, giving them drops of water from a ragged skin. High above, they spot a giant hawk. Their throats are constricted and lips cracked and they fade into the abyss of unconsciousness.

** Para 6 not for the feint of heart

Waking again, this time in the relative shade of a large tent, the group finds themselves stripped almost bare and covered in salves to ease the pain of sun burns. Their gear is at the foot of the mats where they lay and men dressed in red tunics and black turbans stand at the openings of the tent. They are not threatening and explain that the group was found at the foot of the water at dawn. They are encouraged to rest, as the next day, at dusk, they are to meet with the Shaykh.

The day and night passes without incident, and the group decides to stretch in the dawn air before the heat of the day comes upon them. Feeling better, they explore the area around their tent. One of them, Maja, spots an altar and she investigates. She touches nothing, but comes to close. The Vulture faced Shaman Urim startles her, grabbing an arm and forcing her to the tent of the Shaykh.

Raz and Hadrathus rush to the tent and are confronted by several gaurds. Intimidating one of them, Hadrathus almost gains entrance, but the other stood firm and bade them drop their weapons before entering. In a tense moment, the group buries their weapons angrily in the sand and enter.

Inside, Maja is beign accused of defiling the sacred altar. The Shaman is imploring with the obvious leader of the Sons of Saram, asking that she be executed. The tension escalates as Raz and Hadrathus enter into the verbal frey until the Bossonian declares that Maja is in the divine favor of Ishtar. Urim looks narrowly at him before declaring 'Bring for the Kalabite prisoners.'

3 Women and 5 men are escorted into the room. The ages range from an 15 year old man (boy!) to a man and woman in their later years. Urim whirls on Maja. "Pick One!" he commands. He does not answer her question as to why and she finally relents and chooses the young one. "Take him!" Urim commands to the gaurds.

** All of the people in the tent followed two men as they drug the young man to the altar. They threw him atop the altar and held down his limbs as the Shaman sacrificed him to the gods. Using his entrails, the Shaman gave a quick divination and finally announced that Maja and her comrads were favored of Ishtar. Maja was soon freed.

The next evening, Shaykh Yadhu-Lim introduced himself and implored the group to help him find his lost son Ishtim. Hard feelings were in the air, but thoughts of Ishtar's words guided the group to extend their support to the Shaykh. He agreed to outfit them with Camels and Water, as well as a guide who would take them to the Sea of Bones, the last place he was sighted.

The group traveled to the Sea of bones and began their search. During the search, they found several treasures, to include a keen blade in the form of a sickle as well as jewelry and a dagger. Belyara claimed the blade and the treasure was stashed away.

Not long after, the group found Ishtim. He was babbling incoherently and ran from them. During the chase, six skeletons rose from the piles of bones and assailed them. Terror rose in the chests of many and they fled, leaving Belyara, Hadrathis and the guide to fend off the attack. Some of them overcame their terror and finally, the last of the bone soldiers fell into shards and splinters.

So ends Session 1
its been a bloody fortnight since you asked if anyone wanted to hear the rest of the session, for god sake man finish the story.
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No worries! I'm finishing up the write up for the 4th and final session of the Ancient Mes. Campaign. A great time was had by all...