Secrets of the Ancients + 2300 AD


Banded Mongoose
Good day! I picked up Secrets of the Ancients for Traveller 2E, as I was looking for a good "long-missing" race for use with 2300 AD. Reading through SotA, it looks to be a very good campaign. I'd love to retool it for 2300AD, but I'm not sure of the "location" and having enough planets/areas. I could set it all over Known Space (American+ESA+Manchurian Arms). Just trying to see if others have played this campaign using 2300 AD, and if so, how you did it. Thanks!



Emperor Mongoose
I once ran Twilight's Peak set in 2300 - the Zhodani became Kafers and the final base reveal I tied in with the AGRA intelligence...

I see no reason why you couldn't reskin SotA to do the same thing - rather than planet hopping you may have to limit it to only a few locations on Earth and a couple of colonies or even space habitats, the gas giant could be anywhere...

You know i may have to give this a go...