Scroll of Skelos - Touch of Power


I don't want the system write-up, but would it be violating copyright to ask what the Touch of Power feat in the Scroll of Skelos does in general? I have seen a list that details the prerequisites for it, and it seems to be something up my character's alley, just by those, and I was wondering if it was a sufficient enough reason to just go ahead and order the book now.

It makes you better (+1 bonus to magic attack roll) at casting spells with range: Touch.

I dunno; maybe not my favorite feat, but Scrolls of Skelos has lots of other goodness if you're playing a sorcerer. I say buy it! :D
I always like better Magic Power Attack. It allows you to spend pps and increase your magick attack bonus. I don't have the book handy, but I think you spend 1pp per +1, up to your charisma modifier. In addition, per each 2pps you spend in this manner, you can increse by 1 the target's level limitation of spells that have it. I don't remember the prerequisites.
I would say Scrolls of Skelos is a must if you are going to use sorcery in your campaign. It almost doubles the number of spells available to sorcerors.
I picked up a copy of Scrolls of Skelos. I agree it is a definate must. Alas, it does mean that I have even more distraction from getting work done... No really, this is a tech manual. :D