Rules Tinkering


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Just to let you all know, a new revision to Block War is coming this week. Among other things, you can expect...

Battle of Wills - psykers can now attempt to shut one another's powers down.
Expanded Mercenary list for Lone Vigilantes.
Rules for Judge Giant.
A brand new vehicle, cheap enough to add to any force, courtesy of Ainsty Castings.

Draft rules for the Dark Judges (a mere 3,300 points for all four!)...
Yay Dark Judges!!! I will have to use my old GW set until the release of the Mongoose ones :D

I take it reducing them to 0 hits means they have to go away and find new bodies to inhabit...
Yes, when reduced to 0 hits they become a spirit and go off looking for a new host.

Credit values are 800 each for 2 of them, 900 each for the other 2.

The stats for them look horrible, going to be a pain to fight (if you need to kill them). Looks like the way to fight them will be to go for scenario and try to limit the damage they can do.
Sounds just like the comic. Incredible to defeat unless you do it in some round about way.

Looking forward to seeing them.
We had a discussion regarding Disarming Shot (the judge talent) which states you lose your weapon unless you win the battle. How does this work for models that don't have any weapon options (or can only exchange their gun for something else, Judge varieties for instance)? A Punk would just be forced to buy a new gun, but since there are no cost set for stuff like Lawgivers or Krashnikovs how would that work?

Related to this I personally am wondering if there is any plans to allow a Sov Judge to dual wield Krashnikov Sidearms, because as it is there is only two (marginally useful) talents that work exclusively for a pistol, while the carbine which is better in every respect (and can use Rifle talents) only costs 10 points extra.
Well I believe the Justice Departments of the world would just replace the weapon with no charge. Or the argument that the model you pay for is a complete deal with little to no customization as such the weapon stays part of the deal. So free reequip but no more.

As for the Sov with two Krashnikovs 99's. Fluff wise I cant see any superior giving or given the amount of freedom for someone to become a two-gun-slinging hero. Heck they would probably shoot the individual for waste of resources, grandstanding, breaking ranks, and attempting to raise oneself above ones own rank.

Miniatures wise, the senior Sov Judge is in a good position to convert into dual pistols. The Judge with flamethrower would take some work but the would be an awesomely dynamic pose.
I'll have to admit I'm basing this opinion purely on a rules standpoint as I'm not too well-versed in Judge Dredd Fluff yet (I'm trying to read up on it though :p)