[Deneb Sector] 2000 dT Huscarle Cruisers

Bardicheart said:
Quick update on the Voshtar.

Mostly happy with the Diplomatic Deck plans at this point, though I'm still pondering maybe tinkering with both the number and placement of the escape pods. But, here's a graphic and some notes in the meantime.
I would start by finalising the outer hull. It will give the space available for the different decks. It will likely force you to adjust the decks.

Bulkheads: It's a military ship. It needs to be broken into compartments by bulkheads. The bulkheads should extend through all decks?

The Star Lounge needs careful consideration: It can't be decompressed as it contains the biosphere.
Either it needs a retractable armour cover, or it needs to be outside the armour?

The escape pods might not need full deck height, so might be placed under sloping hull, i.e. outside the deck (closer to the staterooms)?

Example bulkheads (sorry for my lacking drawing skills):
Going to try to respond to most points in one post.

Old School said:
I think the launch is fine where is. It allows VIPs to board and disembark without having to walk through other ares of the ship, and as for service, there is a lift for crew members to access the shuttle bay without walking through the rest of the Diplomatic deck.
Which was my thinking. Its called the Diplomatic Deck and not the "Decadent French Aristocracy Deck" for a reason. I think the mention of the word noble has conjured up a lot of wrong ideas. There are NO servants on this ship, there is room for personal STAFF. The closest you get to "servants" are three full time professional stewards (and if the chief steward happens to be a blond named Kate, that's purely... TV influence). Its a working ship, not a pleasure yacht. If its not patrolling or flag waving, its about diplomacy and negotiating trade agreements (or would have been if it hadn't been blown up on its maiden voyage... talking about having a really bad day). If you have diplomatic guests coming aboard, you don't want them wandering all about the ship (and giving potential saboteurs or spies opportunity), you'd want to bring them directly onboard where they will be meeting. An while some might say, well, why not have the quarters separate and all that, problem is this is only a 2000 dT ship. It just ain't that big.

That's not to say I won't apply things learned here to maybe creating some larger yachts later. I think its time we had some "mega yachts" instead of one dinky one, could be a good future project for after I get this done. Now then you guys can have your decadent nouveau riche and down trodden servants! :lol: (That's also not to say one of the other huscarle designs might not end up somewhat like a Decados destroyer with decadent quarters for the ship's owner :wink: )

There are 3 decks to this ship. The Diplomatic deck is upper most, below that is the Main Deck including the crew section, science and medical sections and the bridge. It will also include a small portion of engineering for the upper most part of the maneuver drive. The lowest deck (B Deck) is more complex because it has a cargo bay that is double normal height (6m), a marine section that is single deck height, and then the engineering section which is actually the height of 3 decks (9m). Deck height is assumed a standard 3m height because if you have two 1.5 x 1.5 m^2 grid spaces representing 1 dT, then a 3m height works perfectly (1.5 x 1.5 x 3 = 13.5m^3 or the original dT). I put the actual ceiling height at 2.5m (not 2.7m) because that gives you a fairly standard residential ceiling height (8' or 2.44m) and leaves "between deck" space for mechanicals. Since an Aslan isn't generally more than 2m to 2.1m tall (and this is not an Aslan ship) that should work comfortably for most races (Solamanni, Vilani, Darrian, Lurani, Vargr, etc.). Its also both easier to draw (.5m is 1/3 a grid square if I do a cutaway side view) and 3D model (I just set my snap grid to 0.5m per grid and I can quickly set my wall and ceiling heights).

Starting with finalizing the outer hull doesn't work so well for me when 3D modelling. I'm finding its easier to start with a general shape in mind and use that as a guide (and I've changed that exterior four times now, first time was a complete change in concept, the rest have just been refining the current concept), roughly how big each deck is; then model the decks and then wrap that in the hull. That was one of the reasons I organized the ship components into sections and kept notes on the total tonnage for each section.

The Star Lounge, and in fact all portals will have armored blast panels that close during alert status, its one of the buttons the Weapons Officer pushes during combat alerts (Mr Worf, set alert status and close blast panels!). You generally wouldn't want to decompress the diplomatic deck anyway, its mostly going to be non-military personnel up there. Fortunately there are 3 stewards to try an keep them calm and "medicated" if that had ever happened.

For bulkheads, I hadn't yet given it much thought on this deck other than maybe a pressure door between the Star Lounge and the rest of the deck and maybe another in front of the lift where Dilbert added one. I had given it some thought for the main deck and may come back to this deck once I have the main deck finished. Will keep suggestions in mind. I'm still pondering moving the library to the science section (see below) and maybe change a bit around so I have a couple of "escape bays" on either side of the central corridor just aft of the main passenger rooms, and then four more back with the staff staterooms. Haven't worked it out yet, will update when I get it sorted. Will be giving more thought to the escape capsules anyway cause I'll be 3D modelling them as well.

Oh and I haven't posted updated stats, the ship now has 15 points Bonded Superdense for 12% of the total hull volume. How much of that is internal structure is... well, MGT 2e doesn't even have ship structure anymore, so I guess it would come down to where ever I want to put a thick line and call it "structure" or something. Kinda wasn't happy to see ship structure removed from the rules but not gonna hash that out.

One other thing I'm trying to work into this is the idea of security access tubes that connect different parts of the ship. Normally, they're kept closed and locked with only the ships officers and the marine N/COs having the access codes. The idea is that if the ship were boarded, the access tubes would give the marines a means to move about that would not be available to the boarders, allowing them to potentially flank boarders or cut them off.

The exact location of the bridge is another thing I'm tinkering with, I've got two versions of the Main Deck sketched. One does the typical Traveller thing and has the bridge forward with actual portholes looking out. The second puts it back just forward of the upper engineering section where its actually sandwiched inside the ship with lots of hull and structure around it. The more I look at the second option the more I'm liking it. It also means I can then give the crew their own "10 Forward" on the Main Deck looking out the front of the ship much as the Star Lounge does, and I like that option as well (Really ancient alien bartender not included).

Libraries -- more I'm pondering this the more antiquated the whole idea seems. Way back when the idea of a ship's library full of actual books made sense, back then PDFs hadn't been invented and we were still using micro-fiche (which I still hate to this day). But times has changed and on the one hand the idea of a library full of books does fit nicely into a posh deck as a luxury item; however, functionally its more about study and research which means what it should really be is a room with computer terminals, study areas, and holographic displays that would be more useful to the science section (and also fits the notion you can use it to learn skills). So I've been kind pondering that a bit. I think at this point I'm leaning towards moving it to the science section.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, I'll post back more when I can.
I see the library as more of a hands on thing in the 52nd century. So if you’re studying engineering or mechanic skill, for example, you’ll be working with and learning from 3D holographic models of machines and parts. A student steward might be working with recipe ingredients. Perhaps a bit simplistic that all this goes in one room, unless you think of it as a holodeck, but that’s my idea that corresponds with the +1 bonus on skill acquisition.
Bardicheart said:
Deck height is assumed a standard 3m height because if you have two 1.5 x 1.5 m^2 grid spaces representing 1 dT, then a 3m height works perfectly (1.5 x 1.5 x 3 = 13.5m^3 or the original dT).
The original Dton is 14 m³, as it is in MgT.

13.5 m³ is an MT perversion.

Bardicheart said:
One other thing I'm trying to work into this is the idea of security access tubes that connect different parts of the ship. Normally, they're kept closed and locked with only the ships officers and the marine N/COs having the access codes. The idea is that if the ship were boarded, the access tubes would give the marines a means to move about that would not be available to the boarders, allowing them to potentially flank boarders or cut them off.
A breaching charge or two, and any boarders now have highways all over the ship. It's a double-edged sword.
Decks are an issue because of plumbing, and we aren't too sure how artificial gravity functions.

Also, it's an easy reference to up and down.
Bardicheart said:
(part 2/2)

So, here's my ship specs for the 2000 dT TL 15 (nearly TL 16) Voshtar, the briefly former flagship of the Rheinhardt Huscarle Fleet (when they had one). I'm still making some final tweaks, some of it I won't be able to finalize until I draft the deck plans,

Streamlined, reinforced
Heat Shielding
Radiation Shielding

12 Bonded Superdense 192 dT

Jump - 3, TL 15 (15% less fuel usage), (600 PP to jump), 155 dT
Maneuver - 7 Gs, TL 15 (75% less power), (350 PP, 50 PP per G of thrust), 140 dT

Fusion TL 15 1,600 PP, 80 dT
Emergency Power, 8 dT

One Jump 3, 510 dT
8 weeks operation, 16 dT
Small Craft Reserve Fuel, 2 dT

Bridge, 40 dT
Extra sensor stations x4, 4 dT
Holographic controls

Advanced, 6 PP, 5 dT
Countermeasures, 1 PP, 2 dT
Enhanced Signal Processing, 2 PP, 2 dT
Life Scanner Analysis Suite, 1 PP, 1 dT

Computer -- Haven't gotten to this part yet, will depend on final decisions about software.
Core/ ?
Backup ?

Virtual Gunner/2, Bandwidth/6, 15 MCr
*** Normally the VG software only handles the targeting and firing of the 4 missile barbettes under the direction of the Weapon's Officer (or the XO or the Captain). But is actually capable of handling all the ship's weapons simultaneously. This allows it to take over for injured or killed gunnery crew where necessary and keep those systems firing. (Originally I was only going to use VG/0 for the missiles, but since we can't slave multiple turrets into batteries anymore, this was my work-around.)

Weapons (20 Hardpoints)
Missile Barbettes x4, 20 dT
Particle Beam Barbettes x4, 60 PP, 20 dT
Triple Pulse Laser Turrets x 11, 143 PP, 11 dT
*** The laser turrets are arranged in three batteries, 4 turrets starboard, 4 turrets port, and 3 aft. Their primary role is anti-fighter defense, then missile defense, then target small ships / escorts, and lastly any other available target.
Point Defense Battery (Type III) x1, 30 PP, 20

Missiles (100+300) 400, 25 dT
Exact load outs would vary but would likely be a mix of advanced, mult-warhead, fragmentation, shockwave and some ortillery depending on the mission. Nuclear missiles are never used, those are forbidden to huscarle fleets.

Nuclear Damper Screens x2, 40 PP, dT14
*** I've debated about removing these in favor of armored bulkheads around the M-drives, but on the other hand it does mean his Excellency wouldn't have had to worry about going sterile from radiation.

Armored Bulkheads
Power, 8.8 dT
Bridge, 4.4 dT
Sensors, 1 dT

Okay from here we go to the ship compartments. To help me organize my thoughts I groups them into "sections" that actually evolved into physical sections in the deckplans (which I have just same basic conceptual sketches done so far). But this is also the area I've done most of my tinkering. I've put a lot of thought into how the ship would function, how it would perform its missions, what daily life aboard her would be like and tried to reflect that in design choices. Most sections connect to the Crew Section directly, and these connections include an special internal airlock. The airlocks are part of the 20 the ship is allowed as part of its hull, but each has larger pressure doors and is designed to be normally "deactivated". What this means is that under normal circumstance you have two bulkheads next to each other in a connecting hallway that allow normal traffic. But, during alerts pressure doors in the bulkheads close and the space between becomes a 2 man airlock. This does two things, in the event of a hull breach it prevents the entire ship from being depressurized, and secondly it hampers boarders who either have to cycle through 2 at a time or cut their way through both bulkhead doors.

Engineering Section (total 92 dT + power and drives) -- located aft ventral
Workshops x2, 12 dT
Repair Drones, 20 dT
Advanced Probe Drones x5, 1
Fuel Processors, 100 dT per day, 5 PP, 5 dT
Chief Engineer Quarters, Stateroom, 4 dT
2nd Engineer Quarters, Stateroom, 4 dT
Engineers Quarters, Stateroom (double bunk) x5, 20 dT
Maintenance Quarters, Stateroom (double bunk) x2, 8 dT
Common Space (Break room, engineers lounge, rec area), 9 dT
Armory, 1dT
Re-entry Capsules x 16, 8 dT
Includes a double sized airlock (no extra tonnage)

*** The engineering section has its own small armory allowing the engineers to arm themselves with small weapons and basic body armor in the event the ship is boarded. It is normally kept locked and the Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer have the accesses codes (along with the Captian, XO, Weapons Officer and marine N/COs). The double sized airlock allows four people to exit to the exterior for repairs and maintenance. The airlock is boobytrapped to prevent boarders using it to enter the ship. The probe drones are also kept and launched from engineering, although used by the science department, its the engineers who maintain and repair the drones. The common space includes a break room (coffee makers, microwaves, snacks, etc), a small lounge with tables that are often variously covered in ship components, magazines, and an assortment of coffee mugs; if you aren't part of the engineering staff do NOT touch anything here! There is also a small rec space with hologames, weights and so forth. Anyone not part of the engineering section showing up here will get odd looks and questions about what their business is, and if they have no business being there they'd better be an officer! :wink:

Cargo -- currently 84.8 dT but this is subject to change as I make final tweaks. My target was to have around 100 dT which I'm currently below. The cargo bay is planned to be located ventral just forward of engineering. Both sections may end up being "double decks" 6m high instead of 3m elsewhere in the ship (3m with 2.5m open space and 0.5m taken up by "various ship systems")

Marine Section (32 total) total 115 dT
CO, Stateroom, 4 dT
Sergeants x3, Stateroom x3, 12 dT
Marines x28, Barracks, 56 dT
Armory, 8 dT
Briefing Room, 4 dT
Common Space, 15 dT
Training Space, Room for 8, 16 PP, 16 dT
Two 8 man airlocks, Airlocks x8 (no tonnage)

The marine barracks are arranged as 4 barracks of one squad each, each barracks contains bunks for 7 marines, a stateroom for the N/CO, and 2 dT of armory. The armories ensure all marines have full battledress and an assortment of weapons depending to mission with plenty of spare ammo. The armories can be secured by the N/COs to restrict access if necessary. The common space includes their own mess with auto-galley. Between the common space and training gym (with room for a full squad to train together) the marine section has a fairly generous amount of space available making the barracks unusually comfortable. The two 8 man airlocks are located on either side of the marine pinnace docking bay and allow two full squads at a time to exit the ship for boarding actions if necessary (the entire platoon could be in space in under 6 min). The marines are not provided escape capsules, instead on alert status the pilot of the marine pinnace readies it for launch and maintains that until alert status is canceled. In the event the pinnace is needed for either boarding operations or escape, the marines will pile in and it will then launch. In extreme situations the pinnace may launch and the marines would exit through the airlocks to be picked up by the pinnace later.

Medical Section -- total 36 dT
Medbay x2, Beds for 10 patients, 8 dT
Lowberths x20, 2 PP, 10 dT
Medlab, 4 dT
Surgery, 4 dT
Office, 2 dT
Medical Officer's Quarters, Stateroom, 4 dT
Nurses Quarters, Stateroom (doublebunk), 4 dT

The medical section is set up to handle virtually any medical emergency from a splinter to the flu to delivering a baby to open heart surgery to combat casualties. It has beds for up to 10 patients and 20 lowberths for preserving critical patients that cannot be immediately treated. Additionally, the medlab is set up to do everything from pregnancy tests, full blood work ups, screen for infectious diseases, genetic tests (to among other things determine ancestry or hereditary defects), and even do some research into unidentified ailments. I'm not saying if you have an alien organism hugging your face they can save you, but they'll give it a good hard try! There is also a full surgical ward, an office space for the medical officer and quarters for the medical officer and two nurses. The medical section also comes with several medical droids (like autodocs but they can move around). So rest easy, even if the entire crew comes down with the Rigellian Flu the medical section has it covered!

Science Section -- total 31 dT
Lab x3, 12 dT
Containment Lab x1, 4 dT
Offices, 3 dT
Scientist x3, Staterooms x3, 12 dT

Adjacent to the Medical Section, the Science section is composed of 3 labs. Generally one is set up for Life Sciences, one for Physical Sciences, and the third for Electronics / Cybernetics. The first two labs are used to study and collate data on visited worlds, identifying factors that have an economic value (be that mineral deposits, plants or animals of value, or conditions that create economic opportunity). The chief science officer then presents this information to the patron noble and any diplomatic envoys before any trade talks begin in an effort to give them every negotiating advantage. The third lab is generally used to help maintain, repair and even construct cybernetic augments often used by the nobility or crew. Get an arm blown off in combat, between the science section and medical they'll fix you right up! The containment lab has two cells (2m x 3m) secured like brigs but with multi-environmental equipment to allow them to approximate a variety of atmospheres, gravities, temperatures, etc. These can be used to study alien life forms when necessary.

Crew Section -- 163 dT
Captain, High Stateroom, 6 dT
Exec Officer, Stateroom, 4 dT
Operations Officer, Stateroom, dT
Pilots x3, Stateroom. 12 dT
Astrogator, Stateroom, 4 dT
Sensor Techs x6, Stateroom (double bunk) x3, 12 dT
Pinnace crews x2, Stateroom (double bunk), 4 dT
Weapons Officer, Stateroom, 4 dT
Gunners x16, Stateroom (double bunk) x8, 32 dT
Supply Officer, Stateroom, 4 dT
Chief Steward, Stateroom, 4 dT
Stewards x2, Stateroom (double bunk), 4 dT
Briefing Room, 4 dT
Common Space, 35 dT
Armory, 2 dT
Brig, 8 dT
Re-entry Capsules x 40, 20 dT

The crew section is the largest deck area on the ship. It includes the escape capsule bay for most of the crew (crew, medical and science section) which is located at a junction between the 3 and is almost its own section. The crew space includes both an officers and crew mess, galley and food locker, laundry, a rec area, offices for the captain, XO, weapons officers and operations officer (shared), and the supply officer and chief steward (shared). There is even a NEX (naval exchange) with POD magazines and books, misc. items, and also serves as a post office for physical mail (electronic mail gets sent directly to personal devices). The armory allows the crew to equip themselves with small arms and basic body armor in the event the ship is boarded and can be secured by any ship officer. The brig is large enough to hold up 12 prisoners (24 if you cram them in) for occasions when the ship is operating on patrols (customs inspections where the owning noble has jurisdiction) or for captured crew of other ships after combat. This may include prisoners taken by escorts and transferred here temporarily (the Voshtar was the intended command ship of a huscarle fleet).

Noble Section -- 109 dT total, upper most dorsal deck.
Noble, Luxury Stateroom, 10 dT
High Stateroom x4, 24 dT
Stateroom x4, 16 dT
Common Space, 40 dT
Library, 4 dT
Biosphere, 5 PP, 5 dT
Training Space, Room for 2 , 4 PP, 4 dT
Armory, 1 dT
Re-entry Capsules x 10, 5 dT

This includes the counts personal quarters (with a bed big enough for 2... or more). There are four other high passage staterooms for various noble guests, these might be diplomatic envoys or noble "prisoners" taken in combat (in which case marine guards would be posted). The remaining four staterooms are for aids, functionaries, personal chefs, bodyguards, etc. Whatever staff the count or his guest might care to bring along. The Armory and training space are built as a single area with much of the armor and weaponry on display (including the count's personal battledress armor, included as much for show as anything else), which includes a fine selection of swords, rapiers, fencing foils and dueling pistols and a space just large enough to host duels. The biosphere is a hydroponic garden providing both beauty, fresh air and fresh fruit for the count's table. The whole common space, which includes rooms, a bar, a lounge, formal dinning hall and a spa is richly appointed and furnished more resembling a planetary estate than what one would expect to find on a starship.

That leaves 88 dT for the two custom pinnace carried. One is the marine pinnace located just forward of the marine section and the other is a luxury pinnace located just aft of the noble section. I'm still working on both of these though the marine pinnace is mostly done and the luxury pinnace shouldn't be much more than a variant of the standard specs. Both are wedge shapes though, not the typical pinnace shape and so would not fit into other pinnace bays on other ships.

That's the Voshtar according to her schematics and surviving ship manuals. Going forward I want to do full deck plans for her and then a 3D model with some nice artistic renders. Eventually I want to do several such cruisers ranging from TL 12 to 15 (though none so advanced as the Voshtar) to represent a mix of older and newer designs and different design philosophies employed by various "noble houses", mainly just as a way to give each more individual character and make them seem less "cookie cutter" designs.

So, have at it, comments and thoughts welcome. If you want to use her in your campaigns, feel free, I'd be kinda flattered.

Looks good. How about giving it a cost?. I know that several GM's and Pcs that could get The Blueprints for it by offering the guy(name forgot) the chance to rebuild his portfolio and then some within Drinax Space by giving Drinax its blueprints and the sole right to build them. Plus a fair share of the profit any make from its use by them or Drinax or both them and Drinax