[rules question] Bor rifles and handguns

I would think so. Some of the special shots that the gunner of Bor can perform take multiple charges of powder, smoke shot uses two for example.

Indeed, one charge is literally defined as the amount of powder needed for a single normal shot from a Bor handgun or rifle (which does not consume more powder, its range comes from the longer barrel).

Another interesting point is that in the description of the craft skill it say that Craft(Alchemy) can only be used by spellcasters, so technically no Bor Gunner can make his own boom powder! :D

P.S.- Yes I assumed this was an error, it's still quite funny! :wink:
Silly Vashna, no error at all...

Dwarven Gunners are spellcasters. The Secrets of the Gun are, after all, spells that drain Endurance just like Brotherhood Magic. We just didn't call them spells outright because the dwarves would have gotten techy. :)

I don't have my books to hand, but don't Bor dwarves get craft(alchemy) as a class skill as a racial ability - that would explain the error.
That would be a mistake. :wink:

The dead rarely buy books, after all, though they should have enough spare time for reading ...