Rules Clarification: 1DD is 1D x 1d6, right?


Banded Mongoose
this may seem an overly basic question but I just wanted to check my assumptions;

When I see 1DD for damage, that means 1D x 1D6, or 1-6D of damage, right?

I am asking because when I see all the notation conventions for dice on pages 5-6 in Core22, I see nothing that discusses specifically the "xDD" roll.
OMG I thought 3DD was supposed to mean "3D of Dice" meaning you roll 3D then take that number and roll that many dice. I was not expecting the clarification to be on p78 and not with the other dice descriptions found on page 5-6.

So really 3DD should be translated as "3D, Destructive". ie the second "D" is for "Destructive". THANKS!!
Core Rulebook 2020 p.74:
Some weapons are so powerful, they are capable of
blasting apart small vehicles with a single shot. Such
weapons are referred to as being Destructive.
A Destructive weapon is noted in its Damage score with two
Ds (for example, if a weapon was listed as having Damage
3DD, it would be Destructive, rolling three dice for damage).
A Destructive weapon multiplies the total rolled for
Damage by 10. Effect is never added to the damage of a
Destructive weapon.