Rule book, Army books ect for sale.



Some of you may remember that recently I had to sell all of my Starship troopers stuff as Im moving house. And my parents are off to Canada.

I managed to sell all but the following items. And these need to go as well. So If you want them for a reasonable price, then please send me a private message.

Heres a picture of the Four books for sale.


I've also got the box. The templates and some spare model parts. So someone can have them as well.

The MI and the Klendathu books are gone. But I still need to sell the rule book and the Arachnid book. 10 GBP for both and the buyer pays the shipping.

These books really need to go.

I also got a fair few spare parts. Some arms, bug legs and the marauder suit cockpit shield. So if you buy the book il throw them in as well.

Still Have the

Arachnid army book & the Rule book for sale.

Shipping to america will anywhere in the world will be 8 GBP. Im looking to sell both of them for 10 GBP. So 18 pounds in total.

Someone needs to buy these. I dont have any use for them anymore.