Ruins of Chaos?

Mac V said:
Anybody out there read the adventure yet?
Yup, I picked it up at Continuum.

Played straight its about a two nigher, though there are plenty of hooks and ideas at the end to extend it.

I'm half way through running it. The initial encounter was fun, as the players equiped with there new charcters with their skimpy armour (if any) where pretty loath to try out combat. But in all fairness the NPCs in it have little to no armour either, though there is a realy nice axe.

Its pretty generic (as you would expect realy) set in a frounter land, an intro scenario for new players/characters. Not a classic, but a solid starter. Well worth the 5 UKP.
Well, it's OK. It is completely generic and fails a bit for that - I like my scenarios to be world specific.

It has a Gloranthan sop in that it has broos, who eat human flesh rather than getting their jollies from adventurers, and has an alternative description of elves.

The basic gist (battle, tournament, battle) is so classical that it could have come from Robin Hood but that's standard fantasy fare.

It came bundled with the RQ Rules and GM's Screen so it was probably fine for the price. I wouldn't say "Go out and buy it immediately" nor would I say "Avoid it like the plague".