Revised NPC Sheets: Attn. Vincent Darlage


What is the difference (besides the obvious change to layout) of the new NPC sheets vs. the old? I went to a lot of trouble to print out, reorganize and write in the country names where such NPCs would be encountered (so they are organized alphabetically by country of origin). I love the sheets, they made my GMing life so much easier, but I want to know why I should switch to the new ones.

My main gripe is that the new format has no lines separating the levels, making it much harder to access information at a glance. Alternating bands of white and gray would be very helpful.


Parry and Dodge were updated to match the current rulebook for one. Haven't really looked for anything else yet.

Real life keeps getting in the way of my game time.

Sorry. The statistics are corrected as Thrack said. I guess you could use a high-lighter for now.

That title is a real eye-catcher.
I can see alot of effort has gone into these sheets.

But...why has the thief NPC at 3rd level got 'mobility' listed. Isn't this a class ability for nomads and pirates? I don't see it on the feats list.

and why does his parry go up from 13 to 15. table 3.13 on p 66 lists no extra base level change here.

I'm trying to put together some adventures for this Conan game and find the whole thing is giving me a headache. It seems that there are two or more system concepts going on here behind the scenes. Quite frankly I'm thinking of cutting my losses with this game...

..i certainly won't be buying anymore mongoose products until I am convinced it's even playable...sorry but thats the way I feel about it.


The Parry increase is because the thief picked up a shield. Unfortunately there isn't room to show every piece of information but the numbers do change according to a formula.

The inclusion of Mobility was an oversight -- the original charts were created using Playtest Packs. Since Mobility doesn't affect any of the numbers in the chart, you can simply substitute your own feat.