Release date

It should be in distributors from the end of next week. After that, I'd imagine stores will have it in stock from the time of their next delivery.

No reason to think that will be as late as the second week of Feb.
thank you paul already reserved my copy at spot on 8) for pick up first week next month :cry: but that is only because of my pay days he said the third week too :D
Red Tulwar said:
Huh? What? Did I miss something? Is the release pushed back to the second week of Feb. now? Sigh......

No. It has been my experiance that a release date given by mongoose for Colorado means a few weeks later then is stated.
Preordered mine today. This is the first RPG I've bought in a year and a half (not counting the Demon: the Fallen book that I used a gift certificate for).

It feels strange. I'm used to getting my books for free!
MrFilthyIke said:
*Joe feels lasers BURNING into him from FilthyIke*


Yeah, I can see how that was an arrogant thing to say, but trust me, I put in the hours to earn those books (and then some).

I hesitated on this book (and am still hesitating on a number of others like Midnight, LotR, and BtVS) because I kept thinking I'd get some kind of work that earned me comp product. Just a force of habit. :)

At one point, I was working 50 hours a week on TOP of my regular 40 hour a week job and only got paid in comp product (which equals about 1/2 a cent per hour or so :shock: )., okay, I'm going to stop rambling now. :)
Thanks Paul - it's nice to know the book will be out in the next few days.

I pre-ordered mine through back in December. Hopefully they'll get their stock in soon. :lol: