Red Sonja; She-Devil with a Sword.....

And this is why I DON'T like Frank Cho. Sonja appears to have gone up a half-dozen cup-sizes in that picture.

I don't think she's jumping into battle. I think she is falling over.
If I understand this correctly, this site is saying that Red Sonja 2008 is currently in production?

And if so, does that mean that Bridgette will be making another stab at acting?


LOL, I agree, thank God that's all it is. Funny she's the only person listed on the site (a/o this post) not sure whether to fear the casting or just consign it to another crappy movie, well it'd be nice to be surprised! :lol:
I love Cho's work, the other covers are a lot better than the first one. Anyway, I'd rather see him drawing Sonja than writing her.
It lists its creator as REH; I was under the impression that REH's "Red Sonya" was different than the "Red Sonja" we are used to. I believe his was not from the same time as Conan; she had a pistol (?) of some sort.