Reality of the game


Hi all

Im pretty new to this game and indeed the game mechanics but I have to say that its awesome. I have read alot of posts on figures to compliment the RPG and can only think that this would be a great step in the right direction.

However I would hate for miniatures to be along the lines of 'Battletech'. Now dont get me wrong I loved battletech with a passion but it was always a little anoying when you had a 20 ton mech next to an 100 ton beast and the figures were almost the same size !

Please those in the know who will sculpt these figures, can you keep the scales realistic. If its a tiny mek please let it be tiny. I think in the rules it says they range from 3m-22m.

(on that note whilst we are all waiting does anyone know of anyone who makes decent figures that could be used in this game?)

I have a tendancy towards 6mm (1/300) scale as it grants maximum realism with ranges whilst still being able to represent infantry on a 1 figure = 1 man ratio.

anyone elses thoughts on keeping it real(ish)
Hi there,

1. Miniatures will indeed be in scale with one another.

2. After listening to some thoughts on A2089 this weekend, it will play nothing like Battletech :)
Many thanks for the reply.

Any ideas yet as to what scale the mini's will be in?

Would like to start constructing city terrain whilst we wait there release.
I take it the range of figures will include vehicles, Vtols, infantry and the like. Possibly selections of weapons etc for custom designs?