Rayel flytrap

Tom B

Something I created for flavour.

Rayel flytrap

The flytrap is a larger version of the Venus flytrap, It can grow to a metre tall. Its trap is much stronger and faster.

It is native to the planet Rayel in the in the Inar Subsector of the Deneb Sector and has been accidently, or perhaps deliberately introduced to other planets.

It has genetic similarities to the similar Earth plant, indicating that it was possibly genetically manipulated by agents unknown (possibly the Ancients).

It can take someone’s finger off. It can be dangerous to small children or curious pets.

They can be kept as houseplants and can even catch vermin. It needs to be fed meat regularly, though the type of meat it needs is very flexible. Care needs to be taken when carrying it from one place to another.

Care must be taken when watering it as water with too many contaminants can kill it.