Ransoms and Dowries


It is customary to ask a ransom from kinsmen for any Noble taken prisoner. An average ransom would be a half-year's income from the prisoner. This income is determined by the Noble's Wealth class feature (p.48). It is considered both merciful and profitable to take a high-born foe captive.

When a woman marries, her husband will expect her to bring a "dowry"---her contribution, in lands, goods and money, to the new household. A customary dowry is equal to four month's cost of maintenance for the bride's social status. In case of divorce, the bride's dowry must be returned. She will probably receive more, but the dowry is the absolute minimum, regardless of the cause of divorce. Divorce in some lands such as Shem is usually as simple as saying "I divorce thee" three times before three witnesses. In others, it is more complicated, and if the dowry is too valuable to be returned by the husband, he usually finds it much more expedient and profitable to simply do away with his unwanted wife.