Quotes from the ACTA Tournament - Into the Fire II


Well I had a great time at the tourney; caught up with some familar faces and met some new people too!

Thought I would add, while I remember, some of the amusing things said (maybe you had to be there! Also have paraphrased when I didn't quite remember)

"The Primus was equal to the Hyperion! Look I have the book at home..." Adam to Tank
"SO DO I!" Tank in response.

"I can't believe you made EVERY stealth roll!" Burger to...well everyone.

"You just called out two table 7's!" LBH to M Sprange
"Uh yeah that's entirely possible..." M Sprange response.

"MER MER MER" - Burger again.

"The one reason I cannot win at this game is that this is a DICE game and dice hate me" - Tank

"Hi Greg...oh you're just going to ignore me and walk past eh Greg" Reaverman greeting Greg.
*Greg walks past saying nothing...eventually turning round, "Yeah, pretty much."

Feel free to add your own!
Captain Hash said:
*Greg walks past saying nothing...eventually turning round, "Yeah, pretty much."

LOL....yeah...but I dont think he was being deliberately nasty (just in a rush) ;)

Here is one quote from Katadder to me; "OMG not another 6...AGAIN!"

Or Adam to Reaverman; "Run away!"...as his lone Drazi did the 'Benny Hill', whilst being pursued by 2 Thentus, 3 Ka'Tans and 1 Sho'kar
Hyperion 750pts
Primus 850pts
Omega 925pts
Shadow Vessel 2750pts

How can they be so wrong?????? :lol:

Bah Humbug
LBH to Reborn: Who won the trivia???"
Reborn to LBH: Lucky guesses
Greg Smith to them both: Well I have the trophy for the trivia round!!!
'Six Timbers' Reaverman said:
Here is one quote from Katadder to me; "OMG not another 6...AGAIN!"

lol seems like it happened alot, my prefect spent most of most games on 4s to fire weapons, whereas the only crits i generally got through the tourney were engines or reactor, or on the narn it was always the crew :)
Let's see what I can remember of quotes:

(When LBH meets and is told who is Triggy)
LBH: You're Triggy?
Triggy: Yeah
LBH:Oh, I always thought Triggy was older......

After playing my forst game, losing and realising I didn't have my favourite gaming aid, the Ivanova standee, behind me for luck.
LBH : Claudia, Claudia my sweet, come and make my dice behave
(Didn't work, see the enxt quote)

After rolling another in a long line of 1's on my Neutron Laser rolls against Greg Smith's EA
LBH: Excuse me a moment Greg would you...
(LBH walks out to the stairwell which was next to our table, sticks his head out the door and roars in despar, returns to a few laughs and fuinny looks)
LBH: Sorry about that Greg, please continue the game :lol:

While running to the final game carrying his favourite gaming aid, LBH passes Reborn at his final game just about to start
Reborn : Shame I never got to play you LBH.
LBH: Yeah well (in a whatever kind of way)
Reborn:I'll play you in the final round.
LBH:This is the final round dumba$$
(Cue laughter from crowd)

During the quiz, where there was jmuch banter and heckling in the kiddies room where I was. Much banter ensued between me and Reborn.

MSprange : No talking
LBH:Matthew, permission to kick Reborn in the ass.
MSprange: Denied
LBH: Well at least I asked :lol:

Fun and games.....

Well, it isn`t from into the Fire II, but during the last tournament overhere the following, rather hilarious quote came up

Quizmaster: How come the narn do not have telepaths?
Local Minbari player shouts: `Cause potatoes can`t predict the future...
While playing David Rawlins,

1-1: here these all need dodge roles of 4+ (hands david some dice)
sound of tumbling dice
David: dam!

Both players look down at the dice too many 1's
David: I think i need your T-Shirt
(See my avatar for the pic on my t-shirt)