Questions, mostly Drinax 1's


I have a few rules questions, 5 are Drinax only, 1 can used in a modified a regular version of Drinax adventure 4 and the 1st can apply to any campaign, but by chance has only appeared in A Drinax 1, Please help

1st is if your players can't fail even with A Double 1 or can't win even with A Double 6 is their any actual point in rolling?

2nd if The Pcs in Drinax lead A Double Life as both Pirates and Privateers how do they keep it secret if their hired in 1 alias to deal with the possible threat or even definite threat of their other alias?

3rd if A Planets ruler needs medical aid to guarantee they live or in Simok's case their family doesn't end with them is it possible to use a guaranteed cure to get them to join Drinax earlier then then finale?

4th is using the a 2nd edition Portfolio and companion rules for Nobles why would A potential SS 13 Noble with 3 very good rolls have A Estate worth Cr 25 million doubled twice or be worth Cr 100 million worth Cr half a million income a month actually be a pirate when with the right surgery, enough secrecy and enough luck, fake it, if it fails grass Oleb up to net Rulership of 1 of Drinax's Allied and if it succeeds become A King of Drinax and all for hundreds of official but no actual life or death risks. Either way win/win for now actual risk>

5th is isn't it cruel on Oleb that despite having lived for more then a century and as Harrick's 54 been A King for at least 55 and a half years yet A Noble with A SS of only 12 and whose a nobody in political circles could with 2 Diplomat boosts per turn be at least as good a diplomat as Oleb at less then 1 4th his age(105 or only just 106 depending on when Oleb's Birthday is VS a potential 18+8 or 26)?

6th is using Custom Made Drinax World Versions of Aslan World Territories what would you suggest as the minimum Social Scale and Territory Values to give Hroal for his unofficial support and the minimums for his full, official support

7th is how to handle the chance of Hroal and not The Prodigal Outcast(name forgot) being The Aslan Ally in adventures 4 and 8 where not only is he as good as the outcast in skills that use SS unless the outcasts is restored, he has several stats and skills that can impress more cos they're very high for A None Noble Aslan and at least at the campaigns start he's not got A Kill on sight order on his head that's in effect across, in theory, the entire Hierate
Well, that's a bit easier to read. Not great, but a good effort.

1. Sometimes the Effect is relevant, giving an indicator of degree of success or finesse. You could also take double 1 as a success but an embarrasingly bodged one, and double-6 as an example of marvellous success. ('You hear a guard walking up the corridor. One of his shoelaces is untied. From his gait he seems unaware of the hazard' - yes, that's a bit silly but you get the idea).

2. That's up to your players. They can try whatever they think will work, and it either does or it doesn't. Either way, game stuff happens.

3. It would be a useful bargaining point, but it's up to the players to figure out how they want to use it - and again, it either works or it doesn't. Figuring out how to deal with the results or a plan or idea is what the game is about.

4. I don't buy the 'malicious brother' story, but even if it's true this sort of question has been answered over and over. Do us the courtesy of going back and looking at the previous answers. You're also backsliding into incoherence here. But anyway... There is no good reason why someone that rich would become a pirate unless maybe coerced into it. The scale you're trying to play at makes no sense and is vastly beyond the level the game is aimed at. Seriously, forget the portfolio rolls and have some adventures.

5. Not really sure I comprehend the question. Oleb is Oleb; this other guy has whatever skills he has. There is no 'cosmic fairness scale' - the game is about dealing with what happens using what you have.

6. I have no idea and I'm not sure I can make sense of the question.

7. I don't know. I'm not as obsessed with Drinax as you seem to be, so I've not explored all these nuances. The only thing I can suggest is stop focusing on portfolio rolls and decide what the notables of the campaign will do or want to achieve. Then let your Travellers deal with what happens.
Also 5: Oleb is a shouty asshat who's prone to mood swings and extreme behaviour. That's an... unconventional... way to approach diplomacy. Someone who tried being civil might do better.


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