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I was reading through the character creation and class description sections of OGL Steampunk, and parts of it seem contradictory. For example, before the class descriptions, in the initial description of talents and traits, it says that characters get a talent every odd level, but in the class description, it varies per character class. I would assume the class description is correct, since its mentioned more specifically, but some confirmation would be appretiated on that.

Also, it seems to indicate that feats could be spent on talents... i doubt this is true, but it would be nice to know for sure.

Another thing i noticed is that every description in each class section under Talents/Traits says that a character may select a trait instead of a talent if it says Talent or Trait in the chart. Am I missing something, or does it always say Talent or Trait in the class charts? There's never just Talent or just Trait listed, as far as I can tell.

Finally, humans seem a little too powerful as a race. Was this intentional? For 0 background points, you get a free feat and an extra skill point a level. Elves, Dwarves, and even Gnomes each cost 1 or more background point, and yet seem no more powerful than humans. Now, I can understand Vampires and Ghosts, but Why do elves, dwarves, and gnomes cost the extra points?
I thought that the Talents and Trais listed in the class descriptions was a 'bonus' trat or talent, since not all classes get the same number. (Rather like bonus feats.Though that makes for a lot of Traits & Talents!)

I also notice that the Dominion Tree for Vampires requires the Animal Magnetism trait from the Supernatural Gift Tree... Which Vampires are not allowed to choose from. (I suspect a typo there. and added Vampire to the list since it seemed appropriate.)

The Background Point cost for Feats is listed as 1 in the description, 2 in the table. (I suspect the description is correct, otherwise niether Vampires nor Ghosts can choose a feat with their backgrounds.

No character sheet, dang it! (Doing one up for myself using the Cyber sheet as a guide.)

*EDIT* I see that the bonus feat/Background point question was answered here:
I don't really like the answer, but it was answered.

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