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have a itch to draw again and fancy working my way up to the big cities in conan have got my eye at the moment on Ong in zamora with its lion headed god of pain and am asking about the population its a city state not a village but pop is only 2,456 zardos as a town has 6,200 taking the fact the city is smaller than Arenjun with 33,900 am taking it to be 24,560 which for a major cult center sounds far better anyone else got any views also anyone got any other referances apart from the box set and roads about the place please share

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Ong is a very minor cult-centre for a minor cult and its town (as pictured in the comics) seemed small to me. It comes from the "Conan the Adventurer" comics by Roy Thomas put out in the mid-1990's. The city is based on ideas and names created by Clark Ashton Smith.

Thomas, Roy; 'The Inquisitors of Ong', suggested by a story by Clark Ashton Smith, Conan the Adventurer, Vol. 1, No. 11, April 1995. Published by Marvel Comics, Copyright 1995 by Conan Properties, Inc.

Here is a link to the Clark Ashton Smith story in question:

And here is a link to a letter Clark Ashton Smith wrote to HP Lovecraft wherein he mentions Ong and gives a sample of writing (at the end of the letter):

I hope that helps.
thank you for the link if all the torturers come from here not only would it be a large temple but schools of torture,slave markets and worshippers would make the numbers far larger :?
The Conan comic implied it was just a small number, which is why I populated it as I did. Of course, varying opinions are wonderful - if we all agreed, then we would all still be playing DnD. Are you going to share your map when you are done?

Most torturers in the Hyborian age seem to have come from Sabatea in Shem (page 116 in The Road of Kings).