Question about heineous drawbacks

I recently aquired a copy of Macho women with guns d20, and was wondering

you get points for heineous drawbacks

where do you find out how to use them for attributes, feats, skills, etc?

thanks in advance
ty much :)

another question.

how much money do you start out with if you character is starting beyond level 1

is there a table like in dnd, if not, what is the best way to fudge it?
One thing you could try is to figure out the median amount of money per class for 1st level in D&D, then take the difference in starting money and money per higher level and apply it at the same rate.

Not easy I realize but it's the best thing I can think of.
You could do what I do for my Audor D&D campaign, and intend to do for MWWG:

Higher level characters do not get any more starting money than lower level characters. If they want more money, they have to spend character points to get it. In my Audor D&D game, one character point can buy 100 gold pieces of starting cash. It seems fair to apply the same rule to MWWG, with one character point buying $10,000 cash (assuming that $100 is equivalent to 1 gold piece in terms of spending power; I haven't decided how to account for inflation -- I'd have to look over the prices to decide).

An option I intend to implement for my World of Greyhawk D&D campaign is to have the players roll for social class. Social class defines a monthly income. The player then rolls for one month's income, and multiplies it by the PC's level and wisdom score.

Hope this helps.
Roll on money chart for 1st lvl MWWG Character-then add Villains and Vigilantes starting money level of $400.00 to 1st level Mwwg total. then when character goes up to 2nd level she gets $800.00 added to the total money she gets as payment for services (sexual or otherwise) $400.00 at third level(or $1200.00)etc.($400.00 x new level) etc.for money.if female has Wealth add that total also per level to money payment. That's how I do it. :evil:
You have the Villians and Vigilantes game, Pigking?


Back in the day, I had three pages of V&V houserules that one guy told me was the greatest role playing game ever made.

But that was back in 1986. RPGs have progressed since then, and I haven't updated V&V to modern standards. Might be an idea.....

Macho Women with Guns, V&V? Throwing women around the room....
Utgard-Loki I have the 2nd edition of V@V-Ideal for you for MWWG-ok world is radioactive with radiation everywhere-give some of your women super powers and have them work for (Central Headquarters and Espionage Sexy Services)-C.H.E.S.S.) vs. (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem) V.E.N.O.M. OR T.H.R.U. S.H.(TECHNOLOGICAL HEIRARCHY REMOVAL OF UNDESIRABLES @ SUBJUGATION OF HUMANITY-ALL MALES) That's just some ideals that I use in my MWWG game. some of yuour girls could be Women Police Inspectors (like Inspector Gadget) but female and with equipment that don't foul up-just some ideas-PIGKING KING OF ALL UNDEAD ZOMBIE PIGGY'S EVERYWHERE- :twisted:
Buxom Gal (MWWG)-STR-46 IQ-32 WIS-30 CON-22 DEX-24 CHAR44-WT-125 LBS. +8(allies) -8(villains) to reactions.Hp-46 at 1st lvl. +10 to hit and +5 to damage. Power lvl (99) pts. Carrying cap 170 lbs. Movement:60" (ground) 400"(flight) Drawbacks-Distinct features (Humanoid Cat)-Topheavy)-energy absorbed causes chest/boobs to get bigger. Basic HTH Damage:9d6 (punch or Kick +5 to damage Detect Hidden 32% Detect Danger 26% Pwrs-Absorption- 2 pts power absorbed per damage caused 2.Hyper Flight-400" a turn-Pwr req-1/turn3.Power Blast-Range-30"1d20 dam-Pow req 1/turn 4.Height Charisma +28 5.Height.Intelligence+26 6.Height Strength-+24 7. Heigt Defense -6 to all types of attacks vs her. Weakness Topheavy- Chest/Boobs get Bigger when she absorbs Power or any type of energy (Sunlighjt-Radiation etc.)-You can use her in your MWWG Game-- as a heroine-also can use her as a Villainess as the Comic Book I am basing her from info-She was cloned by a Dr. Carrion by her DNA he found after a battle she had been in. Same stats but a sadistic B**ch who wears Black outfit and carries a Bullwhip with a Cat-o-Nine attachment to the Bullwhip that's on the Whip.-PIGKING-KING OF ALL UUNDEAD ZOMBIE PIGGY'S EVERYWHERE- :twisted: