Qestion about RoK feat.


I was reading the new feat called "Look what I can do".

Is the perform check a free action? can you use your move action to make the tumble and perform checks and then get your attack all in the same round? or can you only get the attack off as an AOO prior to your next turn or a regular attack on your next turn?

Actually, the perform check is sort of incorporated into the tumble.

It was intended to be a free action allowing you to make a particularly impressive tumble and then attack on the same round.
Excellent!! That's what I thought, but it's always nice to get clarification.

On the same subject, I assume, because according to the description of the perform and sleight of hand skills that you could substitute the perform (juggling) check with sleigth of hand to acheive the same goal? Or is that taking it too far??? :p

You MAY do what ever you want but the Perform prereq is there for a reason.

Considering that most theives will meet a Sleight requirement with no effort, making it a prereq is no prereq at all! For someone to qualify for the feat, they'll need to "waste" some skill points to get benefits.

Utimately the feat shouldn't model how dexterous you are but with how much style and aplomb you tumble out of harm's way thus dazzling your foe -- hence, a Charisma/Perform check.