Psychic combat and undead



Here is something thats come up, as I was designing a few encounters for my game. In the lw rulebook it states under undead traints that undead are immune to psychic combat, ((and thus mindblast/psi-surge as well??))
unless they possess the telepathy ability.

Now, I could not find any undead with the telepathy ability, and was wondering if it actually meant ability to engage in psychic combat?

Otherwise, this means the following undead are immune to psychic combat, mindblast, and psi-surge, even though they themselves can engage in psychic combat:


Is this correct?

-Secondly, how long is the drone ability (-4 to attack rolls) of the dentaag supposed to last?

Every creature with the Psychic Combat ability "may use all psychic actions" (p.261). Telepathy is listet as a psychic action (p.153), so I think you can attack a Helghast for example with psychic powers.
doh yes! However, in mongooses redition of book1, the vordak is immune to mindblast, but not to psychic combat...since the version in the rulebook does not make any indication of this, I guess decisions like this are pure narrator calls then.

Any ideas on the dentaags drone? Is it continuous, as a free action then?
When I played book 1 in the Mongoose-edition I took no heed for any "immune to Mindblast entry", counting them as entries that were still there by mistake. In general I interpreted that the LWERPG rules overrided any old rules.
I think that the Vordaks and the like are immune to the standard powers of Mindblast, but are still vulnerable to pyschic combat.

ie. They are immune to Distraction, Force of personality, Psychic Lash, Dagger of the Mind and Spiritshreik.
A Dentaag's drone is continuous, beginning as a free action when they first act in combat and lasting constantly thereafter until they are slain or all combat has ceased for ten full minutes.