Project Card (Updated 06-20-07) - New Card: Brute Squad


Ok folks, after getting an ok from Matt, I'm showing off some select card prototypes I'm making for use by SST players! As suggested by Veon, I present to you...CARDS!


Mobile Infantry



It's been a long, long time in coming, and the light at the end of the tunnel is visible!
Thanks! More will of course follow, and I wanna switch over to the two sided card thinggy so all you have to do is print them out and fold them...
Wow those could come in pretty damn handy for those of us with just one copy of the book, Good work soldier!
Now all we need is a warhammer style rules sheet :)
looking good

would be ace if they are playing card sizes, as we could double them up for games of top trumps ;) (im being serouse for once)
If I get enough of these properly done, I'll make a special Mr. Evil edition of these cards, so Mr. Evil can play Go Bug.
Can we assume that the ranged stats will be on the back, so we don't have to jump from card to weapon list?

Will these be jpg, doc or pdf? On some like the M9, you'll want to list what weapons that card/model have been equiped with.

Other than that, nice Job.

Well, since I have all the adobe suites...acrobate and phtoshop, I can release them as jpg and pdf quite easilly. If people ask nicely, models that don't have optional weapons will have the stats printed on the back of them.
nezeray said:
Please add the stats to the back of the cards so that I don't have to do it myself. :)

James / Nezeray

Alright alright....that's going to be some tweaking then...just gotta remove the picture from the back to give me more room to work with.

Edit: How's this as a test?

Sgt. Brassones said:
That's perfect. These will be so handy. Thanks Hiro.

NP! I'll get to work on tidying them up..maybe tone down the background a bit, but fill out each card with a all you have to do is print them out and fold them in half. A good idea to keep track of multiple multi hit units is a card for each plasma bug, then use tokens on it to show remaining hits
Fantastic stuff Hiro. These WILL be VERY handy. There is nothing worse than having to flip from book to book checking out rules, stat lines and data tables. Having these handy, sitting right next to you will make it very easy ineed. It will also serve to lengthen the life of your books through less handling during game setions.

I think I would also cover them in contact or laminate them so they would be protected from greasy fingers and spilt drinks.

Great work Hiro, they look fantastic.
Sgt Whiskey Swiper said:
Great job, but spelling mistake on Pathfinder - 'Clost Combat' can you change it to close combat ;)


That's why these are the prototypes! And thank goodness this isn't costing anyone any money because heck, that's gotta be worth a few thousand dollars!

EDIT: Phase 1 is pretty much complete. Phase 2 (started off with the latest CHAS card) is going to get underway after a night's sleep, and might be delayed with me wanting to put together my new infiltrator bug and quietly being a bibliophile with the new MI Army book.

Also, I'm placing a call for lovely miniatures pictures...single miniature perferred to add a little touch to the cards (namely to break up the use of a single picture to represent everything). I feel it'll help people identify the cards faster.
Yeah no worries. Within the next week, when I get some time between work, running the kids around to all their activities and school, doing the chores around the house and blah blah blah, I will take some pics of the stuff I have and flick it your way mate.
stunning work bud

but yeah playing card size is the way to go trust me ;) evan with stats on the rear.


keep up the awsome work