Poket Conan Released??


This has proably been asked elsewhere, but I have not found it. Has the Pocket Conan ben published yet? I look on Mongoose's Website and it says it was published in Febuary. I look on Amazon.co and it is preselling the book but says it has not been published and says it is to be published in June.

So is it out yet or not?
Same here. I picked it up about 3 weeks ago. When I ordered Road of Kings from amazon.com it said it would ship in 3 months. Meanwhile, it was available in FLGS on their shelf. When I called Amazon they assured me it would not take 3 months and sure enough I received it within a week. Not sure why the shipping dates are so long on the Mongoose stuff. It was the same thing with Across Thunder River...

I would say go ahead and order it and then email them. They are very good at customer service. At least that has been my experience.