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Some friends and I recently started a new game, and I decided to put together a spreadsheet to keep track of our characters finances. I wanted a relatively easy way to distribute revenues based on a combination of ship ownership and money invested in whatever venture turned a profit, as well as being able to track individual character cash. One thing lead to another, and I ended up creating something to do what I wanted, along with a few more features besides:

  • track:
    • character cash available
    • character pooled cash (ie, how much of a common pool)
    • ship shares (separately from ownership stake as well as combined for total ownership stake)
    • ship ownership stake (includes easy option for ship's mortgage payment)
  • simple ledger of transactions
  • additional configuration options to tune behavior:
    • percentage based allocation of revenue to crew
    • option to include NPC crew

I created it in Libre Office, which is a free open source alternative to Microsoft Office. I have published the code used in the macros, as well as the spreadsheet itself to Github. Instructions (and a download link) are available at Alternatively, you can browse to the project page, then click on Releases on the right-hand side of the page.

In any case, feedback is always appreciated (particularly regarding the algorithm for calculating distributions). This is something that is actively used, but I do not expect this to consume a great deal of time to maintain. If anybody else would like to contribute to that effort, please feel free to submit Pull Requests on Github.
I have published a significant update to the Player Finance Tracker. I have also added what I refer to as the Trade Tool to the release, as well as an alternative ship record. Highlights include:
  • Player Finance Tracker
    • Updated distribution algorithms to account for costs associated with credits (either an amount, or a ledger line).
    • Increased visibility into the distribution algorithms (for those who care for such things).
    • Improved error handling.
    • Additional Quick Debit options
    • Additional transaction detail now tracked in ledger (transaction amounts per character).
    • Added functionality for transfers between pooled cash and cash on hand.
    • Added functionality for purchases from cash on hand.
    • Removed option for NPC crew.
    • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Trade Tool
    • Generate available freight and mail.
    • Generate available passengers.
    • Generate available trade goods, as well as purchase and sale prices.
A preview of the new Trade Tool:


Links are included above. The full release can be found here.
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