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I've gotta say the new Traveller Dredd is shaping up into quite an awesome game. I never liked the D20 version having been brought up on the Games Workshop game; D20 was just too far removed from what I had been used to. However, Traveller rules seem to fit the bill nicely. Today I received the Judges' Handbook and can't wait to digest the contents - excellent stuff! this alongside the archives places me firmly in Dreddhead Heaven, thankyou very much Mongoose!

Unfortunately, I have reached the age where work commitments and children mean I can't spend the time role-playing around a table like I used too (aaaahhhh, I hear you say) but through the medium of Play by Forum I have managed to get back into the whole Dredd RPG thang and I love it!

If any of you are in the same boat please visit the PLAY DREDD site and have your Judge hit the streets once more - all are welcome.

Have any of you guys managed to see what's happening on the PLAY DREDD site? If you have, do you have any suggestions or questions? Let me know.

Keep up the good work Mongoose - fantastic stuff! Can't wait for the Cursed Earth supplement!

All the best

I'd like to chip in and say that I've had a very enjoyable couple of adventures on their forum - it's also proven useful for getting my head ready for running face-to-face games, as both GMs have very thorough MC-1 knowledge.

For anyone not sure what PLAY DREDD is about below is a teaser from the latest installment of the Walter's World scenario being played out at the moment:


Judge Hardy set Tek-Judge Jones the task of opening the metal cabinet while Judge Two Feathers idly examined the picture on the wall, he noticed several serial numbers in the picture one of which he felt certain would be the combination to unlock it.

Using a device taken from a large belt pouch Jones let it search for the code. A small screen displayed the digits as they were found and Jones read them out as they appeared. “Eight, zero, seven, four, seven…”

“Five, nine.” Finished Two Feathers reading the tiny serial number off Coxon’s war medal.

“You got it.” Affirmed Jones. The door hissed open as its contained internal environment was breached and cold vapours spilled into the room. The face of the cabinet slid up into a recess in the ceiling and once the freezing mist had dispersed it revealed the gruesome map made from human flesh. Nametags pinned to each piece identified its previous owner – Al Twanky, Zane Moisey, Reggie Herring and Hal Nugent. Two blank spaces remained occupied only by the nametags – Gabriel Barrett and Johann Gryme.

“What the hell?” Said Jones.
I've just signed up - Judge King - after spotting a reference to your game elsewhere in the Forums.

I tried the d20 game - I would have enjoyed it - but not enough player interest from others for me to continue with it. I am tempted to get the Traveller version as Traveller was very popyular with the folks I play with.

So as I was currently thinking of starting my own Forum based game set in the current continuity of Dredd in a Mutant Township - the players being Mutants attempting to uphold the law in the Township and surrounding area. Hence my post about Prior Lives -

I've put my plans on hold to get involved in play Dredd.[/code]
A new Judge Dredd adventure is due to start next week. Credited for the Kill is designed to break in new players not used to online gaming. If you are interested in participating please visit the link below and closely follow the instructions for setting up a account under the thread 'Joining this Message Board'.


The Play Dredd website has emerged from the Nu-You Face Change Clinic with a brand new look and pretty awesome it looks too. You can check it out at the link below. :D
Please note the PLAY DREDD Membership Guidelines have been updated. You can view them at: