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Hi everyone,

I saw this on another board and thought it might interest some. Although designed for d20 Future I sure there would be ideas transferable.

Information of what has been released through the Datastream can be seen at www.d20projects.com . I'm a subscriber to both the DM Idea Pipeline and the Future Datastream.

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Do you need D20 Future Material:

For every new subscriber that joins the Datastream between now and July 22 we will send out 1 bonus e-mail on each Monday during July. So if 5 people sign up this week we'll send out 5 bonus e-mails next Monday. If another 5 sign up next week then we'll send out 10 bonus e-mails on the following Monday. And so on upto 25. (If I don't cap it there's a
chance I'll kill myself trying to make this happen.)

Super Bonus: For every 25 new people sign up before July 22 we'll send out a bonus Starship in August. If you guys can get 50 people that will be a total of three Starships in August. (Starships take more work and need extra time.)

I hope that you're enjoying the Datastream enough that you'll recommend it to your friends. It can also make an excellent gift.

I hope you guys make us work hard!

- Philip Reed, Ronin Arts


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