PDF SoT resources


Good day, I´m preparing some small additions to the SoT rpg, and while I´m writing it for my own group, why not to share, right? :)

I have at the moment two d10 random tables with potions and scrolls, one adventure, two d50 tables (character trinkets and body mods - for kickstarting new characters) and plans for lot more! :D

But, before I put it outside, I´m curious if you can share backgrounds, fonts, etc. from the books? It would be awesome to have it in official graphics and not black´n´white. I thinsk SoT is quite colorful and visual game (both pc version and your rpg), so it would be more fitting. I´m able to do the layout myself in Affinity.

Would it be possible to share them?

I was also asking if I can use your logo, if you can share with me textures for pages, etc.
So I could give it a pretty pirate looks. :)
Yeah, I was thinking this would be the case.
I will then create my own, I just hoped I could save some time :)
So, I have two mini-expansions on itch, but the forum is not letting me post the Thread (marking it as spam). How should i proceed? Thanks!
Ley me have a think about that - in the past, these forums have been targeted with spam primarily through the use of links. so the block is there for a good reason. However, there is obviously an issue if players cannot share items they create.