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My name's Ken Newquist, and I write the monthly "Summon WebScryer" column for Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine. I've been doing these monthly round-ups of gaming-related web sites for 3-4 years now, and last week I had a "duh!" moment when I realized I'd never written about Paranoia.

Given that XP has been out for a while now, and that SP1 was just released, it seems like a good time to rectify this oversight.

Here's what I've come up with so far. I'm sure there are other Paranoia Web sites out there that I haven't found yet -- if anyone can point them out to me, I'll be sure to include them in the column.

My deadline for this column is about a month off, so there's plenty of time to post. :)

Mongoose Publishing: Paranoia XP

Paranoia XP Blog

Paranoia Live

The Toothpaste Disaster

Allen Varney's Home Page

Paranoia XP Mission Blender Online

The MAN Sector

Thanks in advance,


Allen Varney

An excellent start, Ken. Don't overlook these excellent fan sites:

Omega Complex (Paul Baldowski) (Bill O'Dea)

Secret ULTRAVIOLET blog (Jazzer, Fargmania, Takyn-U-RUN)

CPU Central

Paranoia Meetup (not active now, but could conceivably turn into something)

There may be a new online game starting shortly, a la the Toothpaste Disaster, so stay tuned!

Nero's Boot

Praise The Computer, and High Programmer Allen-U-VNY-8, for Their inestimable wisdom is showering with CompNet addresses to such informative CompSites!

--praise The Computer, in It's endless wisdom and knowledge NB


Thanks for the site info Allen (and sorry for the delay in returning to the forums; it's been a busy couple of weeks).

I'll be sure to include those in my column!



Too late now, but:

MAN Sector

Sadly not updated much. Been too busy with Con of the North, Car Wars, 2 campaigns, blah blah. :/