Orlando ACTA events in October & November


Greetings all,

Rhubarb Games in Orlando, Florida will be running 2 events in the next month and a half. Here is a link to our website http://rhubarbgames.com/index.html .

Saturday October 21, 12-6:30PM- Back to Omelos: the Fall of the Dilgar.

This will be a mega battle featuring the Dilgar versus the League and Earth. IS date will be 2232. This event is up on the Rhubarb games events calendar. Feel free to bring your own ships if you are planning to attend. There is no fee for playing in this event. Visit our website for a more in depth description.

Saturday November 18
Babylon 5 a Call to Arms Tournament

Rules: Sky Full of Stars and Armageddon rules will be used in this tournament. The only playable scenarios are Annihilation, Call to Arms, and Space Superiority

Fleet size: 5 point raid

Entry fee: $5

10:30-10:45 Check in
11:00-1:00 Round 1
1:00-2:00 Lunch Break
2:00-4:00 Round 2
4:00-4:30 short Break
4:30-6:30 Round 3
7:00-7:30 Results, Awards, and wrap up

This event is not yet up on the calendar but I have already reserved the date. We have enough room for 10 players for this tournament.

We are also setting up events for December and February at this point but nothing is ready to be announced as of yet.

Just wanted to put this back on the first page to remind everyone of the event this Saturday. With so few B5 players in Orlando, we are hoping to draw from other parts of the state.
Instead of creating another thread I figured I would just give this one another bump. Our first tournament is 15 days from today and I wanted to get this on the front page one more time. Hopefully some of the other players from the area can make it out. I know there is a group that plays at another local store plus people in Lakeland, Ocala, and Tampa.
Please do, it would be nice for some among us to test ourselves against someone outside of our little group. We have a friendly group that try to stay as true to the history of the universe as possible.
Hey Skip how many others of your group have added their name to the Player Locator thread here? Looks like maybe only one if any. You think you might could mention that thread at your event? ...would be nice to know the names of some other players in the area.

And keep posting those events... one day I'd like to get over there and join you guys.