Ordering Online


Hello all...I have a question...I live in Ontario and am considering buying from the Mongoose online store...Has anyeone else done so and how did you feel about the service? Fast? Slow?

I had ordered the Season 3 source book "Point of No Return" but they said that the book isn't out yet...that seems wrong...So I thought I would go to the source...

I order from my FLGS in Bristol, UK and I got Point of No Return nearly a month ago.

It is definitely out.

Good luck getting it.


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I preordered the EA book and got it the day after released with no problems. :D direct from mongoose.

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I would also recommend www.frpgames.com, very good prices and service. I 've ordered many books from them from different publishers. The one time when the did make a mistake by sending me the wrong book hey were very helpful and when they actualy sent me the correct book they included prep-paid postage for me to return the incorrct one, showing they're trust in me not to just keep both.
spezbaby wrote:
It is availabe from Amazon.ca, shipping in 24 hrs. I got mine from them.
I ordered the Techno-Mage and Narn Regime from Amazon.com. I also have Babyon 5 season 5 ordered through them also.
I live in Toronto Canada and I ordered my Core book and Minbari guide from www.amazon.ca and got them in 4 days.

stingybaby.com has the books for 20% off. I have no idea how reliable they are as a company, but the prices are good. Has anyone here ordered from them and found them to be a good company to deal with?
I've ordered from www.nobleknight.com. They have a great selection of used RPG stuff too.

alldirect.com has the Centauri Rebpublic book for $15.47. I have ordered it, and I hope that they honor the price, even though it must be a typo.

The price of the other race books, Narn and Minbari are $21.67 from there.

We'll see, I will let everyone know what happens, if you are interested.