OGL Steampunk - Mulitclassing


Just purchased my copy of OGL Steampunk yesterday and noticed that the section on multiclassing has a contridiciton.

The last line of the first paragraph under the heading Adding a Second Class says "The character also selects a starting vocation for his new class".

The very next paragraph, last sentence, says "Vocation does not change for a character taking a first level in a new class; the character does not get to choose an additional vocation to go along with the new class".

Which is correct?

If the do not get a vocation paragraph is correct then what do list of bonus feats/talents(since these are tied to the vocation of the new class) to you pick from or is the character's only option to pick a trait in place of a talent (I think this still leaves the bonus feat dangling)?

Also, if the first paragraph is correct I am assuming that the multiclass character does not get the wealth bonus of the vocation....