OGL Horror



I just picked up the OGL horror book, and I love it (I picked up Cybernet too - same reaction).

I have a quick question.

With the classes having a set amount of hit points, how do you apply a template to them? Do you just add the template's hit die onto it?

Also, when do we get some more monsters, as promised?!?!?!?! :p

I really liked this book, and it will get some great use. Superb Job.

These OGL books rock.

Bumping this in case anyone has any ideas...

With set Hit points, how would one apply the template.

For example, I have a Level 6 Combatant with 35 HP.

He becomes a vampire with D12 Hit Die. Does he gain d12 for every previous level? Or from that level on do they get the D12 for each bonus...???

Anyone with any ideas?

I would retroactively apply the hit dice with the first one being maximum and the others being an average value. In this case, it would be 12 + (5 x 6.5) or 45 hit points after the template. That's just a suggestion. The author or your own milage may vary. :)

Sorry, mised this one. August's right - the set hit points part are really just the HD the character got from levels 1,2 and 3, so they'd all be converted to d12s as he describes.
Thanks for the reply. It is appreciated...

Like I said, I really liked the book.

As for creatures - I think the Nightmare Engine was my favorite. Loved the name, loved the concept.

I am thinking of running something akin the the TV series "Ultraviolet" and was really hoping not to use the Storyteller system - not that there is anything wrong with it, just kind of a been there, done that.

I think the Ultraviolet is the best vampire series ever to grace television - it is intelligent, unique, and addictive. Too bad it never made it very far. Plus, being American, most of my group hasn't seen it - and those that have are screaming at the bit to play it.

I'd like to expand the UV concept to go above and beyond vamps to include other paranormal experiences as well. I think that OGL horror would be perfect for a system - it has everything I need.

I was also contemplating a yearly event around halloween - each year basing it on a campy B- film. Kind of an October horror one shot...

What is everybody else doing with OGL horror...?

Ya know fellas - I am an idjiot.

I finally saw the extra hit points per level below each Progression box. I thought PCs were limited to thier initial Hit Points and I couldn't figure out how to add a template to them. Now that I see that, it all makes sense.

Sorry about that, but thanks for providing guidance anyways.


Hi, Razuur,

What I'm doing with OGL horror are base event sessions, quick and easy to do.

I use the daily news from tv or newspaper to get inspired :)