OGL Horror , who plays ?


hi . im new . was just wondering , does anyone else own OGL Horror . and if so what kinda game are you using it for ? whats your setting ? i've had it about 6 months now and have never used it , but i really like it . when my Conan game finally ends here in a few months i'd like to do something with it , but still not sure what . anyway i hardly ever hear anyone talking about it , so i wasn't sure if it was a good seller or not . or if it was as well recieved as i found it . now after rereading it again it maybe my favorite D20 product . anyway hope to hear about your games . should any existed :)
I am using it for a zombie serial ala 28 Days later.

It is working perfectly.

I think that OGL horror is a great tome.

I work for a small RPG company called Infinite Realities we are currently working on a setting for Cybernet and also have three adventures for OGL Horror on the to do list. Not sure on a release date yet as but they are coming.