OGL Ancients creature list now online


The list of mythological creatures I've been working on is now pretty much finished. I've turned them into a series of web pages which are now available on my web site. If your interested please check them out. Any suggestions you may have are more than welcome. I’m sure there are still a bunch of creatures that are either missing from the lists, or should be removed from the lists (for missing creatures, descriptions of their physical appearance and special powers would be great. That way I can figure out what D20 creature would best represent it, or if it’ll need home-made stats). Additional material, including adventure write-ups and bios of PCs, important NPCs, and major villains, will be put up as soon as they are ready.

You can find the creature lists here: http://members.fortunecity.com/mtbedwards/ancients/ancients.htm

The campaign hasn't actually started yet so some of the names are a bit generic (calling the PCs The Heroes, for example). Once the campaign starts, proper names will be added where needed.

Made some updates to the lists. I'm still interested in hearing peoples opinions, which creatures should be added, which creatures are in the wrong place, and which creatures should be removed. Our first adventure should be happening soon (hopefully). I'll get bios and an adventure write-up done asap.