Officially Licensed VTT Not On Website

Greg Rex

Fantasy Grounds has a massive library of officially licensed Mongoose Traveller content. Why is it that it is not linked here on the Mongoose website, either with each product or as its own submenu on the landing page like other publishers do?
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I definitely do not speak for Mongoose. Have you tried asking them on the thread called "Chat with Mongoose " or something like that?

Fantasy Grounds doesn't sound a very sci-fi thing.
Aha, didn't know that was a sub. Posted my question there.

You aren't wrong, it doesn't sound very sci-fi. But the VTT has been selling officially licensed Mongoose Traveller 1 and Mongoose Traveller 2 content since 2018. Fantasy Grounds has other officially licensed sci-fi titles such as Starfinder, Dune, Fallout, Cyberpunk RED, ALIEN RPG, SWADE (depending on flavor), etc and you can find that their publishers are providing links raising awareness that that their games can be played on VTTs. Mongoose seems to be the exception. And I think bringing awareness to ways to play officially licensed Mongoose Traveller content will help with my favorite RPG's growth.