Numerous sneaky rulings.



The 5' thread made me wonder, what other rulings/minor changes from dnd d20 are there that haven't been caught by many people? I thought it might be a good idea to have everyone post something they think might go unoticed by others.

For instance:

In conan d20, chars not only gain a new attribute increase every 4 levels, they gain +1 in EACH attribute at levels 6 and every 4 levels beyond!
(this partly accounts for conana's insane stats, which even beat darth maul outta the creek)
Hyena said:
Well and good, but is a designer allowed a sneaky ruling after a successful feint ?

Grrrrrrrrrr :twisted:

I'd say he/she has to flank me with at least one suplement to get that sneaky rule bonus. Or catch me completely off guard with a proposterous statement (flat-footed).

Actually, this is a great idea and we should keep the thread going.

Character creation has several differences

1. PC's can roll dice normally in createing characters or can use a 'heroic' method of adding the result of a d10 to 8 to get statistics

2. PC's who start at 1st level with their races favored class get an extra feat over and above the 1st level feat and any feats available as part of their class.

3. All PC's gain extra skills over an above those gained by class based upon their intellegence. I think this is expressed in terms of 4*int mod. and can only be positive. These skill points can be used in any skill as if they were class skills. Any and all skill points expended after first level in cross class skills that have ranks due to this intellegence bonus are treated normally. (as cross class skills)
The 2 I brought up in the other thread:

5' step doesn't avoid AoO unless you take no other action.

No Spring Attack feat -- instead, any character may move, attack and move again but provoke AoOs normally.

Initiative is affected by both Dex and Base Reflex save.

Penalties for 2 weapon fighting are reduced.

Feats that improve critical threat ranges stack.