Mayham put together an incredible collection of all the classes for various races for levels 1 -20.

I do not know how to link to other threads (someone teach me please), but you can find the thread on page two of this Conan forum. I have used those sheets extensively.
Raphael said:
Hyborian Apeman said:
My URL always looks like this, no mater what forum I am brousing in.
What browser are you using?

You might try right-clinking on the page (obviously in a blank space) and selectin >properties. This should give you the specific URL for that page.

I am using Internet Explorer (have to love Microsoft), but the right clicking was able to bring up the URL for me to copy and paste in the future. Thanks for you help.

Although, I was hoping this would give me an excuse to get a Stygian secret decoder ring :D
Goto Ema's Website

Click on 'Charsheets', then click on the Conan d20 Character Sheet link and the downloads (including blank sheets) should appear on the right.

I use Ema's Sheets (if available) exclusively. Very, very professional and well laid out.