Novel Power Armour...


Just a quick question for you folks. The MI from the novel; what weapons do they carry?

From the first chapter I know that they have a hand flamer, a heavy flamer, a bomb y-rack and a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. But I also hear that the loadout is changed depending on the mission... So, do the MI use rifles (there is a point there it mentions 'burning or shooting' the Bugs) and such? Or is it all missiles and flame throwers?
Basically during the two missions in the novel, you pretty much have ti nailed down.

Mission loadout is dependent, but there is mostly talk about nuclear missles and the special grenades.....

You got to love a grenade that tells you: "I will explode in 20 seconds, please leave the vicinity."

Also when you have a missle launcher and a grenade rack, there is little need for a standard rifle.....Now OTOH i dont know anymore how many shots those weapon systems kinda had.....but i think they wouldnt use rifles, more like autocannons and machineguns and upwards.....
that pretty much sums it up. I was looking for a clear description. No luck.
I like the intelligent bombs.

that would settle book versus artistic ideas.
Chemical weapons seemed to be the weapon of choice in the book. When you are using nerve gases as your primary weapon the need for rifles really diminishes.