Nonlethal or Subdual Damage?


Just a quick question (could not find it in the FAQ).

Does OGL Cybernet use Nonlethal damage (d20 Modern SRD) or Subdual (d20 SRD)?

The feats refer to Nonleathal (ie. Brawl) but the punching cyberarm option & the character sheet refer to subdual. Neither are detailed in the book and both methods are fundimentally different.
But by using the d20 modern non lethal dmg instead of the d20 subdual dmg, the damage rules for the web combat wont make any sense now, now wont they? :shock:
Calm down, space-invader. We can't always get to every question right away. We have a lot of work to do and lot of things to write, after all. :)

In answer to your question, I recommend using Non-Lethal combat in normal instances and subdual combat when running in the Web. The subdual mention in the cyber-arm is a mistake and should read non-lethal. It was easy to mix those up...

That help?

well sorry for that.

but the whole problem here is that the damage you suffer in the web is transformed in subdual damage when you "log off" from the web and vice-versa. somehow i think that doesnt make much sense there.
Of course there was playtesting, which is why I suggested using both systems (one for in the Web, the other for real world encounters). That's how we did it. I did not come in and answer this specifically because I thought I already did. :)

Hope this clears things up.